The Beginner’s Guide to Yoni Eggs

Explore tantric pleasure and crystal healing through the yoni egg practice. Revitalize and charge your chakras with our pure crystal eggs.

Better Understanding of Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs can help you explore and understand yourself better. Celebrate your femininity by nurturing yourself through lithotherapy. Gemstones like rose quartz, are elements from mother earth. You can consider them as ancient living beings that contain wisdom.

All stones vibrate on different frequencies. No matter what you are trying to achieve, there is at least one crystal that can benefit you.

Physical Healing
In lithotherapy, many practitioners believe that yoni eggs can help support women’s health and your general well-being.
Emotional Healing
Some crystals have the ability to help you heal from past emotional traumas so you can move forward in life.
Spiritual Connection
Used during meditation, these crystals may help you connect spiritually and discover your inner self.

Each Crystal has its own properties and benefits. Are you looking to move forward to have your first Yoni Egg Experience?


Our Goal For This Guide

The Kegglers team hopes to educate and empower all people regarding the yoni egg practice. Written by women for women, this guide with a total of 5 chapters aims to provide information on yoni eggs for beginners and yoni egg users.


What is a Jade Egg?

Chapter 1
Explore the physical and spiritual definition of yoni.

This chapter outlines a summary of everything you need to know about yoni eggs. This includes their history, uses, religious or spiritual relevance, and its applicability to the modern woman in today’s world. Ponder upon the debatable origins of the yoni egg and why some women prefer it to modern-day silicone alternatives.


Yoni Egg Benefits

Chapter 2
Understand what yoni eggs can do for you.

Discover the myriad of different physical and spiritual benefits of yoni eggs experienced by other yoni egg users. Learn how Kegel exercises can strengthen pelvic floor muscles, increase natural lubrication, improve urinary incontinence or prolapse, and enhance your sex life.


Types of Yoni Eggs

Chapter 3
Connect with your inner self using the different energies

Read about the different gemstones and their unique properties. These various gemstones help to balance and recenter energies. This helps bring further healing. It also helps you tap into your divine feminine energy, sexual energy, improve general well-being, and start you on your journey of self-love. Explore the jade yoni egg, rose quartz egg, nephrite jade, black obsidian, and more.


How to Use Yoni Eggs

Chapter 4
Find out how to bond with your yoni egg

Something so intimate should be maintained with utmost care and attention. This chapter is a must-read for beginners to yoni eggs. Read how best to cleanse, charge, and care for your yoni egg. Explore how yoni eggs acts as an adjunct for pelvic floor exercises or sex toy.


Are Yoni eggs Safe?

Chapter 5
Our bodies are a temple, sacred and pure.

Anything we put into our bodies should be safe and in line with these philosophies. Here, we delve into why yoni eggs are a contested topic between yogis and some healthcare personnel. This chapter presents both sides of the story.

Yoni-Egg-Glossary Yoni Egg Glossary

This glossary is a short description on some of the most important highlights regarding yoni eggs. Here are additional resources if you are interested in reading more in-depth about yoni eggs.


Yoni Egg Sizes

You can buy a singular yoni egg or a set of yoni eggs. Yoni eggs come in three or more sizes: large, medium, and small. Beginners to the yoni egg practice start with the large size as it is easier for the pelvic floor muscles to grip.

As these muscles become stronger, they are ready for smaller yoni eggs. Contrary to popular belief, the smaller the yoni egg, the harder the practice. A small yoni egg would require the vaginal muscles to contract even harder to prevent it from sliding out.


Gemstones or Crystals

Yoni eggs can be made from a wide variety of gemstones or crystals. As each gemstone has its own unique property, it is best to research about which stone would best fit your needs.

Yoni eggs are a natural alternative compared to plastic or silicone kegel weights as they have crystal healing properties that can help with general wellness. These healing properties are believed to benefit the mind, body, and spirit. Crystal enthusiasts can also pair different gemstones to get the maximum benefit from the healing energy of these stones.


Jade Egg

The term “jade egg” essentially refers to a yoni egg. The first yoni egg was believed to be made from jade. However, as different gemstone eggs becane available, they were referred to as yoni eggs.

Today, the term “jade egg” can be used to describe a yoni egg made from jade. It can also be used interchangeably with “yoni eggs” to describe gemstone eggs.


Spiritual Healing Through Meditation

Yoga practitioners regularly use crystals during meditation. Since your yoni egg is made from a crystal, you can meditate during your yoni egg practice. Depending on the type of gemstone you have chosen, you can focus your intention on healing.

Some crystals help to heal past emotional trauma to enable you to move forward in life. Meanwhile, some allow you to discover your inner self so you can connect to the divine.


Physical Healing Through Kegel Exercises

Yoni eggs are Kegel exercise adjuncts. They are inserted into the sacred space to enhnace Kegel exercises. These exercises have been proven to be effective in strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

When the pelvic floor muscles are stronger, it can improve issues such as bladder control and prolapse. Some women have even reported how Kegel exercises are beneficial after childbirth.


Kegel Balls or Ben Wa Balls

Kegel balls or ben wa balls are also devices that are inserted like a tampon into the vagina. Like yoni eggs, they help to enhance Kegel exercises. In turn, they improve pelvic floor dysfunction and can benefit those experiencing issues such as incontinence and prolapse.

Some kegel balls or ben wa balls have different weights so you can gradually increase the difficulty of your practice. Depending on the device, some may even bring pleasure to the user.

Some FAQs Covered in This Guide


How to Choose The Right Healing Crystals for You?


With so many crystals to choose from, it can become overwhelming. Crystal experts say that instead of choosing the crystal, allow the crystal to choose you. Consider your intention you want for the crystal and focus on manifesting it. Reach a final decision on the property you wish to harness. Explore the different crystal properties to find one that best suits you.


Are Jade Eggs and Yoni Eggs the Same Thing?


Simply put, the answer is yes and no. This is because the first yoni eggs were made from nephrite jade and were sometimes referred to as jade eggs. These two terms were used interchangeably. However, with time, other gemstones were used to make yoni eggs to make more options available.


Do Yoni Eggs Really Bring Results?


Yoni eggs function the same way a vaginal weight or Kegel exercise tool does. It is inserted to help the pelvic floor muscles contract. Essentially, it is a natural option compared to all the modern day alternatives such as ben wa balls. Additionally, the crystals the yoni eggs are made from also have different qualities.


What Are The Risks of Using Yoni Eggs?


Many women who begin using yoni eggs tend to overdo it thinking that practicing more is a good thing. However, this causes contraction of the pelvic floor muscles for a long time without relaxation.

Effective Kegel exercise requires both contraction and relaxation. It should not be used for longer than recommended durations. This is because it can result in pelvic floor tension that causes a whole set of issues. Poor hygiene or care of the yoni egg can lead to a higher risk of vaginal infection.


When Should You Not Use Yoni Eggs?


Women who are pregnant or have issues such as a wound or infection should not use yoni eggs. These women should consult a doctor before using a yoni egg. This is to avoid causing contractions or introducing infections that can compromise the pregnancy. Women who have IUDs (intrauterine device) or prolapse (includes vaginal, bladder, or rectal) should also not use yoni eggs. It is also best to take a break from the practice during menstruation.


What Are The Physical Benefits of Yoni Eggs?


There is little to no research to back up the physical benefits of yoni eggs. However, yoni egg users have reported that it has helped strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

This can help with improving urinary incontinence, enhancing orgasms, and increasing pleasure during intercourse for the yoni egg user and their partners. Some women have even reported faster healing after childbirth.


What Are The Spiritual Benefits of Yoni Eggs?


The spiritual benefits of yoni eggs depend on the different properties offered by different gemstones. Long-time users have said that yoni eggs can work as energy healers.

This helps renew the yoni energy, increase sexual energy, awaken feminine energy, connect to one’s inner-self, and transform stored trauma. However, this is an ongoing process that requires time and patience.


What is a GIA Certified Yoni Egg?


A yoni egg that is GIA certified means that it has been analyzed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). They analyze gemstones based on the weight, shape, cut, clarity, color, and measurement. A GIA certification means that the gem is authentic, good quality, safe, and pure.

As you go through the guide, we are open to any queries and suggestions you may have. Always remember that although yoni eggs can be beneficial, do all things in moderation.