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Red Jasper Yoni Egg
Carolina Osborne
I love my egg

I love my egg, it is beautiful and quality is great. I inspected the egg and it is smooth without scratches. I look forward to meditating with it for the first time.

Hello Carolina, thank you for your compliments on the product! If you like, our article on yoni egg meditation may have information that may be of interest to you.

Bloodstone Yoni Egg
Teagan Mcneil
Real crystal and fast shipping

I am very happy with my egg. It is not my first and I did some tests to see if the crystal was real and it was! I washed, charged, and set my intentions as well as prayed and meditated. The energy from the crystal was amazing!

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg
Annika Burnett
Extremely happy

I am extremely happy with my purchase. i received my egg quickly and it was just as expected. The quality is great. I haven't started to use it yet because a friend who recommended yoni eggs to me mentioned that there are several steps to take before I use it and I am still doing my research.

Hello Annika, we are ecstatic to hear that you are happy with your egg. To get you started, here are some articles on our website on how to prepare your yoni egg . If you have any questions, you can contact us through customer support any time and we will guide you through the process.

I recommend

You can really feel the inner healing if you know what I mean. I also put it on my altar because its so pretty.

Tiger Eye Yoni Egg
Esmeralda Boyer

This egg is beyond lovely and works very well. I highly recommend if you want to get in touch with your feminine sexuality. Its piqued my interest about the different crystal properties as well.

Hello Esmeralda, we are so happy you love our product. If you are interested, our blog has articles about the healing properties and benefits of all the different crystals such as tiger eye, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, and more.

Carnelian Yoni Egg
Anika Walters

Exactly what I wanted. Absolutely perfect! My yoga teacher recommended this to me for Kegel exercises.

Hello Anika, we are really happy that you love your egg. If you are interested in Kegel exercises, we recommend this article from our blog for further reading.

Nice egg

So far so good, love the labradorite egg

Great for many uses

Besides using it as a yoni wand, I use them to relieve pain for my pressure points. I would like to find ones made from different gem stone types as well.

Rose Quartz Dildo
Leia Hooper
Good quality

Good quality and I love them. Shipment took a bit hough.

Hello Leia, we are so sorry about the shipment delay. We will continue to try our best to fulfill our orders as soon as possible. If you reach out to our customer support team, we would be happy to offer you a discount code for your next purchase.

Green Aventurine Yoni Egg
Jaylyn Delacruz
So far so good

The egg is wonderfully smooth and it has a nice weight to it. Looking forward to trying it with yoga!

Hello Jaylyn! It is so good to hear that you love the egg. We have an article on yoni yoga exercises if you are interested

Nephrite Jade Egg
Leslie Mcintosh
Luxurious jade egg

Easily one of the best yoni eggs in my collection. Feels luxurious and silk smooth.


The egg is beautiful. I've only had it for a short time but I have been using it consistently and its already working great. The stone is lovely black obsidian and very comfortable to work with.

Excellent quality

Very impressed with the quality. Packaged well, highly recommend for quality and timely delivery.

Yoni eggs

Love my egg already! Very relaxing and comfortable.

Rose Quartz Dildo
Jaden Sherman
Quality item at fair price

Exactly as advertised. Be sure you research and understand the different crystal properties. I should have done this before and ordered the wrong one.

Hello Jaden, we are sorry to hear you ordered the wrong crystal. If you reach out to customer support, I am sure we can find a solution!

Rose Quartz Dildo
Lilianna Moses
Five stars

Very happy with this. I feel more confident and energized. My partner is excited to try it as well.

Rhodonite Yoni Egg
Noemi Davies
Suits all exercises

I work with female sexuality as a tantra facilitator. I always recommend women to do Kegel exercises using a yoni egg so I bought one to assess the quality before recommending it to them. This egg is of good quality at a great price. I would recommend to my students.

Hello Noemi, thank you so much for your acknowledgement. If your students are interested, we have an educational blog that covers topics such as yoni yoga, meditation with yoni eggs, and more! We offer bulk pricing as well if you are making a big purchase for your students.

Just as advertised

Love this egg, great packaging

Lapis Lazuli Yoni Egg
Madalyn Mcintyre
Very satisfied

My partner and I followed a tantra course where yoni eggs were recommended. I bought her this egg as a gift and she has already started her practice. She really enjoys her yoni egg and I am looking to get her several others.

Hi Madalyn! So happy to hear that your partner is enjoying her yoni eggs. If you would like to know more about other yoni eggs, there are articles on drilled and undrilled yoni eggs and how to choose crystals that suit her best, all of them they can be found on our blog. Our customer support team is always ready to help you decide on the best crystal type for her if you need help.

Red Jasper Yoni Egg
Julissa Elliott
Good but apprehensive

I really love the egg. It seems to be of good quality but I have bought several yoni eggs before this and those turned out to be fake. A friend recommended this site and I hope to have received an authentic red jasper.

Hello Julissa, we totally understand your concerns regarding a fake egg. We would like to assure you that our crystals are all authentic. Our blog covers how to spot a fake yoni egg and we hope that you find this article to be useful. If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to us via our customer support team.

Amethyst Yoni Egg
Jazlynn Mcdonald

I received my precious little box, quality is as described. I love it. Today will be my first time using it. I chose amethyst because it looked beautiful on the website but not too sure of the properties.

Hello Jazlynn, we are glad that you love your yoni egg. Here is an article with more information on the unique healing properties of the amethyst If you are interested, there are more articles about the different properties of other yoni eggs as well such as for our carnelian, black obsidian, rose quartz and many more.

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg
Ashlynn Lawson

Exactly what i expected, beautifully made and easy instructions. It is pretty enough to be displayed!

Rose Quartz Dildo
Liliana Bird
Love it

I got my rose quartz dildo a few days ago, it is gorgeous. I have to confess that I was a bit nervous the first time but it is comfortable and I look forward to using it.

Beautifully crafted

A great size for yoni work. Beautifully crafted and good quality stone.

Lapis Lazuli Yoni Egg
Judith Roberson
Great yoni experience

My first time purchasing a yoni egg and I am very satisfied.