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Yoni Wash
Yoni Wash
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Yoni Wash

Yoni wash may help with yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. A staple of self-care and cleanliness, this product leaves you feeling healthy and fresh. It is made with all-natural ingredients.
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The yoni wash is a herbal extract gel that should be lathered on gently and then rinsed with lukewarm water. Its herbal formula contains mint, stemona japonica, cnidium monnieri, carthamus tinctorius and borneolum syntheticum. It should only be applied to the vulva (i.e. the pubic mound and labia). 

One push of the pressure pump suffices for a relaxing wash. The wash has been is safe for everyday use. Traditionally, the herbs are believed to support a healthy pH balance and reduce unpleasant odors, itching and abnormal vaginal discharge.

Yoni wash is part of every woman’s self-care routine. For hygiene and relaxation purposes, periodically cleaning the vagina can help with self-confidence. The all-natural ingredients are highly recommended as the vaginal flora is very easily disturbed.

 Scented products and even sweat can throw off the vagina’s natural pH. To maintain great hygiene, all-natural and unscented toiletries are best. 

Washing the vulva has many benefits. Proper hygiene can help reduce the risk of infection. It can also help you prepare for yoni egg practice. Yoni wash makes the skin very smooth and reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs. 

Feminine wash is part of vaginal health. For maximum pampering, you can also massage yoni oil into the skin after you are done. 

All yoni care products are all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free. Ingredients include  mint, stemona japonica, cnidium monnieri, carthamus tinctorius and borneolum syntheticum. They have antifungal and antibacterial properties, which contribute to regulating the pH balance of the vagina.