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Yoni Steam Gown
Yoni Steam Gown
Yoni Steam Gown
Yoni Steam Gown
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Yoni Steam Gown

Our luxurious high-quality yoni steam gowns are specially made from breathable imitated silk fabric that is both functional and comfortable. The material is hypoallergenic, delicate, comfortable, and feels luxurious against the skin.
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  • Packaged for Safety
  • Authentic Yoni Wash
  • Eco-Friendly Bag

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Yoni steaming or v-steam is a traditional and ancient practice where the vagina is gently steamed using healing herbs. It is a health care or self-care practice where the herbal steam is believed to relax the yoni, open the pores, improve yoni skin care, while absorbing the medicinal effects of the herbs. 

During yoni steaming, the woman squats or sits on a yoni steam stool over steaming water that contains herbs. It supposedly helps the woman detox and improve the pelvic floor.

By purchasing our vaginal steaming kit, it comes as a set and includes:

  • yoni steam herbs
  • a yoni steaming seat
  • a yoni steam gown. 

Our yoni steam herbs contain:

Clematis chinensis Osbeck, Parsnip, Cinnamomum cassia Presl, Cortex acanthopanacis, Angelicae pubescentis, Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort, Angelica sinensis, Caulis Spatholobi, Wormwood, Rhizoma zingiberis, Carthamus tinctorius, Leonurus, Lycopodium clavatum, and more

When using the steaming kit, start by boiling water and adding herbs to the water. After letting it steep, check for the temperature of the steam so it is comfortable. Transfer the mixture to a cool basin. Once ready, squat or sit on a yoni steam seat or yoni stool over the basin.

The yoni steam gown is a must have item as wearing one while vaginal or yoni steaming helps to prevent the loss of steam into the air for a thorough and effective experience. The gown works like a sauna to prevent the loss of steam is an essential part of the detoxification process. It is like having your own yoni spa!

Yoni steam gowns have been claimed to be especially suitable for women who are into the yoni steaming practice but:

  • Have an infection or prone to an infection (herpes, yeast, bacterial)
  • Experience night sweats
  • Have hot flashes
  • Are radiating heat
  • Have vaginal dryness
  • Are averse to heat
  • Live in a hot climate

Wearing a yoni steam gown means that you can skip wearing a heavy towel, bath robe, or any heavy material on your body during your yoni steaming sessions. The yoni gown is light and allows your yoni steaming sessions to be enjoyable and relaxing. You can also have handmade yoni gowns but the cloth material should be taken into consideration.

The yoni steam gown can be hand washed or on a gentle cycle machine wash in cold water. Hang it up to dry and do not bleach it or it may damage the silky material of your gown.