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Yoni Oil
Yoni Oil
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Yoni Oil

Yoni oil concentrates nature’s healing power in one bottle. Made of specially selected herbs, essences and oils, this product is thought to help with bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections and vaginal dryness.
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  • Eco-Friendly Bag

Yoni oil is a blend of natural oils, essences and herbs traditionally used to boost vaginal health. Daily use may help with skin elasticity and provide antioxidant protection. A little product goes a long way: apply a few drops to the mons pubis and labia. This makes the skin smoother and softer. 

The yoni oil can also be used as massage oil, body oil and even aftershave. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, but its natural pH balance is easily disturbed. The yoni oil makes it a great aid against bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.

Yoni oil is not intended for internal use. Apply two to three droplets to the pubic mound and labia. Gently massage it into the skin. Yoni oil can also be applied directly onto the panty liner. 

The oil should be kept at room temperature. If kept cold, some of the natural ingredients might solidify or turn into gel. In this case, place the bottle in a basin filled with hot water and wait for the mixture to liquify again. 

You can safely apply yoni oil to the rest of your body. It is a great massage oil. Its amazing aroma makes it a great choice for aromatherapy as well.

Yoni oil has numerous health and wellness benefits. If used before shaving, it can help reduce ingrown hairs. Yoni oil may also soothe itching and pain, which in turn facilitates natural healing. 

We carry three varieties of essential oil: rose, lavender and rosemary. Each blend also  contains mugwort leaf, magnolia, angelica and clove. 

Used on the vulva, yoni oil supposedly helps reduce vaginal dryness caused by aging, stress and hormonal imbalances. It also helps reduce unpleasant odors, leucorrhea and dysmenorrhea. 

Versatile and all-natural, yoni oil can also be used as massage oil and aftershave. It can help lubricate the vagina, maintain skin elasticity and helps close small injuries.