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Yoni Detox Pearls
Yoni Detox Pearls
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Yoni Detox Pearls

Yoni pearls are herbal mixtures wrapped in mesh cloth with the appearance of small balls. Some use these herbs for cervical erosion and dysplasia.
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Yoni pearls, also known as herbal tampons, are carefully selected herbal mixtures wrapped in mesh cloth. Their round shape gives them the appearance of small balls. Some women use it to help with ailments of the female reproductive system. 

Meant for internal vaginal use, the detox pearls should be inserted using a generous amount of lubricant. Their origin is tied to traditional Chinese medicine

Many women use yoni pearls to cleanse the womb and vagina. The vaginal detox pearls contain borneol, frankincense, myrrh, saffron, leonurus, cnidium, angelica sinensis, rhizoma, stemona, ginseng, sichuan dome, cortex phellodendri, and rehmannia glutinosa. 

There may be some health benefits to vaginal detoxing. The yoni pearls are thought to benefit those who experience yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, cervical erosion, dysplasia, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. 

Regular use may regulate hormonal imbalances and the menstrual cycle. The herbal mixture may also have a tightening effect on the vagina. The womb detox pearls will make you feel like a new woman.

Drinking plenty of water and avoiding unhealthy foods can aid the cleansing process.

Yoni pearls should be inserted in the vagina one at a time with a clean index finger. Prior to insertion, they should be dunked in purified water. Use sufficient lubrication and a maximum amount of three pearls. 

It is important to keep in mind that the yoni pearls may cause the vagina to dispel a fairly large amount of discharge during and after using it. Be sure to wear a panty liner and period panties while using the pearls. 

After the detox session, the vagina will continue to dispel discharge for another two to three days. You may feel the results after one week. Most women have reported increased lubrication, tightening of the vagina, and improved hormonal balance.

Using the pearls will result in large amounts of vaginal discharge. This helps the vaginal walls and cervix reset. With the healing properties of a variety of natural herbs, yoni pearls may have several beneficial effects on vaginal health. 

Combined with a healthy diet, the yoni pearls may help with vaginal dryness and irregular menstruation. The pearls supposedly help reduce bad bacteria and old blood clots which build up over time. 

The yoni detox pearls are a popular holistic option for those with PCOS and endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and hormonal imbalances. 

If you’ve been struggling with bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections, the yoni pearls may have the potential to help your vagina regain its ideal pH. 

Yoni pearls leave women feeling renewed. It gives them and their sacred spaces a chance at a fresh start.