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Tiger Eye Yoni Egg
Tiger Eye Yoni Egg
Tiger Eye Yoni Egg
Tiger Eye Yoni Egg
Tiger Eye Yoni Egg
Tiger Eye Yoni Egg
Tiger Eye Yoni Egg
Tiger Eye Yoni Egg
5 Reviews

Tiger Eye Yoni Egg

The tiger eye yoni egg sharpens the senses and may benefit the circulatory system. A talisman of divine sight, it fosters peace within the couple and supports fertility energy.
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  • Packaged for Safety
  • Authentic Tiger Eye
  • Eco-Friendly Bag
  • S Small Egg Size: 2 × 3 cm
  • M Medium Egg Size: 2.5 × 4 cm
  • L Large Egg Size: 3 × 4.5 cm
  • 3in1 Tiger Eye Eggs Set
Medical Advice

The purported health benefits of the yoni egg are reported by yoni egg practitioners and not backed by evidence based research. If in doubt, seek professional medical opinion.

The yoni egg is a Kegel weight that unifies physical and spiritual wellbeing. It consists of a polished egg-shaped gem meant to be inserted into the vagina. This causes the pelvic muscles to contract, which potentially contributes to improved vaginal wall elasticity

Many yoni egg practitioners have claimed that with regular yoni egg practice, it can help those with urinary incontinence, menstrual cramps, hormonal imbalances and menopause. 

The yoni egg is also an amazing sex toy which can be used for solo or partner play. Regular practice may make orgasms last longer. It is also used in tantric sex practices. 

Depending on the type of crystal it is sculpted from, each yoni egg has different properties.

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Yoni Eggs

The tiger eye yoni egg is a blood fortifying talisman. It’s energy is believed to have amazing effects on circulation, the endocrine system, fertility, metabolism and hormones. 

This yoni egg is linked to the Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus. It maximizes the flow of vital energy through the median points of the body. Tiger eye draws its energy from the sun and the earth. 

As a talisman, it attracts peace and can help reconcile opposing personalities. The crystal clears emotional blockages, reduces anxiety and promotes self-love. It sharpens its user’s senses, preparing them for personal growth.

Alternative medicine practitioners believe that the tiger eye stone has amazing effects on the circulatory system and can therefore benefit those with menstrual pain and enhancing fertility. Because of its connection to the Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus, this yoni egg can make its user feel rejuvenated

The flow of prana throughout the body has beneficial effects on the endocrine system. This gem was used by Egyptians to render the eyes of gods in sculptures. Even today tiger eyes are thought to bestow divine sight upon its user. It is an agent of luck and foresight.

Reviews from Buyers

5 Reviews
Not satisfied

The only reason for 3 stars is because the product was cracked upon arrival. I reached out to customer support and they are sending out a new one.

Grace on 09 Mar. 2021
Love it

Beautiful egg even if i never use it for kegels. It's pretty enough to just hold and look at. The stone is genuine. I may just buy one each just for display!

Shea on 03 Mar. 2021
No title

Wonderful egg. It is smooth and has a good weight. The quality of the stone is also great.

Hayley on 04 Feb. 2021
Beautiful stone

Have been using it for a while and the quality is excellent. The egg is well polished and I highly recommend.

Linda on 02 Feb. 2021
Bigger than expected

Good quality egg but not quite what I expected. I thought it would be smaller.

Alexis on 01 Feb. 2021