Opalite Yoni Egg
Opalite Yoni Egg
Opalite Yoni Egg
Opalite Yoni Egg
Opalite Yoni Egg
Opalite Yoni Egg

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Opalite Yoni Egg Featured
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Opalite Yoni Egg Featured
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  • Brand: Kegglers
  • Color: Milky White, Pink and Blue
  • Material: Opalite

Opalite Yoni Egg

The opalite yoni egg can help partners bond both physically and spiritually. Great for pursuing pleasure and removing energetic blockages, this crystal harmonizes the male and female energies.
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Product Details

Yoni eggs are polished gemstones crafted into an egg shape. These crystal yoni eggs are used in yoga and Kegel exercises. They come in different sizes. Inserted into the vagina, it helps to enhance pelvic floor muscle exercises. Spiritually, it aids meditation and connecting to your feminine energy.

Opalte Benefits

Opalite is a love stone that stimulates emotional healing. It has a calming frequency that aids sleep. It can be used during meditation to remove chakra blockages. In a relationship, it harmonizes the male energy and female energy. It strengthens the bond between partners. Opalite is a healing stone that rewards faithful lovers. Those who practice lithotherapy believes that it:

  • Enhances sexual energy
    Regulate imbalances
    Eliminate toxins

Important Note: Because the Yoni Eggs are handmade from natural gemstones, some crystals might have slight variations in their appearance.

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How to Use

Clean – Wash your new opalite yoni egg with mild soap and warm water. Rinse it with running water. Sterilize your yoni egg by boiling it for 20 to 30 minutes. This is an important step before every yoni egg practice session.

Insertion – Using a generous amount of lubrication, insert the yoni egg into your sacred space gently like a tampon. Once inserted, You can do your yoni egg practice for no more than 15 to 20 minutes a day. You can also meditate during your yoni egg practice. For longer meditation sessions, hold the egg in your hands or place it on your abdomen to connect with your crystal’s energy.

Removal – After your practice session, remove your undrilled egg by bearing down. If you are using a drilled yoni egg, gently tug at the string to remove the egg. Always wash your yoni egg after your practice session. Store it carefully until your next session.

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Shipping and Returns

All the orders will be delivered in 3-4 working days if all the products are in stock.Returns are accepted on this product within 30 days of delivery. Item must be returned unused, in its original packaging.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mara Mclaughlin
I love it

I love my yoni egg, love how I can easily find instructions and read about the history and properties. I find it very interesting, definitely worth it.

Isla Crane
Love yoni eggs

Great quality, really helps with what its supposed to do. Good buy.

Zariah Dominguez
Packaging could be nicer

Love the egg but packaging seems very basic and could be made better.

Hello Zariah, we are sorry that the packaging is a disappointment. It is an issue that we are aware of. As a small startup company, we are currently focusing on our product and on keeping prices low for our clients. We are working on improving our packaging and hope to have you back to look at our new and improved packaging soon.