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Grey Labradorite Yoni Egg
Grey Labradorite Yoni Egg
Grey Labradorite Yoni Egg
Grey Labradorite Yoni Egg
Grey Labradorite Yoni Egg
Grey Labradorite Yoni Egg
Grey Labradorite Yoni Egg
Grey Labradorite Yoni Egg
5 Reviews

Grey Labradorite Yoni Egg

The labradorite yoni egg is a powerful protective amulet traditionally believed to alleviate pain, menstrual cramps and PMS. The gem creates a protective shield over its user’s aura.
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  • Packaged for Safety
  • Authentic Labradorite
  • Eco-Friendly Bag
  • S Small Egg Size: 2 × 3 cm
  • M Medium Egg Size: 2.5 × 4 cm
  • L Large Egg Size: 3 × 4.5 cm
  • 3in1 Labradorite Eggs Set Size: 9 × 6 × 3 cm
Medical Advice

The purported health benefits of the yoni egg are reported by yoni egg practitioners and not backed by evidence based research. If in doubt, seek professional medical opinion.

The yoni egg is a polished gemstone destined for internal vaginal use. The word yoni is Sanskrit for sacred space and refers to the vagina as a source of life. After being featured on famous TV series and used by Gwyneth Paltrow, this device has become popular with women of all ages.

The pelvic muscles contract when the yoni egg is inserted into the vagina. This can be used to help activate the correct muscle groups for a controlled amount of time. The yoni egg is an adjunct for Kegel exercises.

Regular Kegel exercises have a number of health benefits. Research has shown that Kegel exercises are great for alleviating the symptoms of urinary incontinence and menstrual pain. 

A number of women have said their orgasms are more intense and last longer after using the yoni egg.

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Yoni Eggs

The labradorite yoni egg is connected to the Throat Chakra. If this chakra is blocked, it can affect the body’s physical and spiritual health. The gemstone allows life force to flow through the chakras again. This makes the practitioner experience a feeling of natural release and empowerment. 

Traditionally used by healers and shamans, labradorite was believed to be a piece of the aurora borealis fallen from the sky. It is considered a stone of the inner spirit, which enhances gifts like clairvoyance, telepathy and prophecy. 

This gem is believed to help symptoms of PMS and can also provide pain relief during menstruation. Healers and shamans use it to reduce blood pressure and regulate metabolism. In meditation, labradorite has a calming effect on overactive minds.

The labradorite yoni egg acts like a shield over your aura, offering protection from energetic vampires. In alternative therapy, this crystal is used to treat depression, anxiety, and aid in the fight against any kind of addiction.

If your menstruation is particularly painful or you feel overwhelmed by the symptoms of PMS, the labradorite yoni egg is the perfect choice for you. This gemstone is believed to be a healing talisman that alleviates pain

Because of its connection to the higher spheres and the Throat Chakra, labradorite can help regulate both spiritual and physical health. It is used in meditation sessions for its calming effect. It bestows mental clarity on its user, which often helps people liberate themselves from depression, anxiety and addiction. 

The labradorite yoni egg makes practitioners feel empowered and assertive. It protects their aura and makes them better communicators.

Reviews from Buyers

5 Reviews
You can feel it

Absolutely love my labradorite egg. It is the perfect size and beautiful. I can feel the great energy from it. Shipping was quick and I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Anne on 17 Mar. 2021
I would like to try other stones too

I received my egg quite fast after placing my order. I decided to try it after reading so much about it. I slept with it and removed it the next morning. It came out without any issues but I felt really great the rest of the day. My emotions were at a high all day long.

Madison on 21 Feb. 2021
Fast shipping

I am very pleased with my yoni egg purchase. The egg was very smooth and the quality was incredible. It came quickly in nice secure packaging.

Lindsay on 06 Feb. 2021
Good buy

Great product for the price point.

Tori on 29 Jan. 2021

Maybe it's just me but it's very hard to use.

Alexis on 05 Feb. 2021