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Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
5 Reviews

Clear Quartz Yoni Egg

The clear quartz yoni egg is a master healing talisman. Use it to fortify your pelvic muscles and harmonize your chakras. The stone is believed to stimulate the immune system and eliminate toxins.
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  • Packaged for Safety
  • Authentic Clear Quartz
  • Eco-Friendly Bag
  • S Small Egg Size: 2 × 3 cm
  • M Medium Egg Size: 2.5 × 4 cm
  • L Large Egg Size: 3 × 4.5 cm
  • 3in1 Yoni Egg Set
Medical Advice

The purported health benefits of the yoni egg are reported by yoni egg practitioners and not backed by evidence based research. If in doubt, seek professional medical opinion.

The yoni egg has revolutionized sexual healing. This elegant Kegel weight has become all the rage ever since it was featured on a popular TV series. Aside from promoting self-love and body positivity, the yoni egg has become a symbol of getting in touch with your inner goddess. 

A handcrafted gemstone meant for internal vaginal use, the yoni egg is thought to contribute to the betterment of sexual and spiritual health. Many women use it to practice masturbation or with a partner, while yogis have made it an essential element of their tantric sex practices. It allegedly prolongs and intensifies orgasms. 

Doing Kegel exercises with a yoni egg may reduce the likelihood of incorrectly performing the exercise. The egg makes the pelvic muscles contract more, which in turn may boost the elasticity of the vaginal walls. 

Regular yoni egg practitioners have reported positive effects in improving urinary incontinence, hormonal imbalances and menstrual cramps.

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Yoni Eggs

The clear quartz yoni egg is an extremely powerful healing talisman. Several ancient civilizations held quartz in high regard because they believed it could open gateways to the divine. High priests used it to harness and channel the energy of the sun. 

Using a clear quartz yoni egg opens the heart to the wisdom of the higher spheres. It is connected to the crown chakra, but its power does not stop there. Clear quartz can harmonize all the chakras. It also absorbs negative energy. This gemstone can be purified with holy water and programmed with the user’s wishes.

In your yoni egg practice, it is best if you alternate using the clear quartz egg with other eggs. This gemstone enhances the spiritual capabilities of other gemstones in its vicinity. It protects the aura from interferences and is believed to support the normal functioning of the immune system.

The clear quartz yoni egg is best used for physical healing and meditation. A great aid to the immune and circulatory systems, this gem’s energy is thought to help practitioners overcome a wide array of diseases. 

Because it is linked to the crown chakra, clear quartz helps the user get in touch with the mysteries of the expanded Universe. It can bestow peace and mental clarity during introspection sessions. It is a stone that fosters personal growth

As a talisman, the clear quartz yoni egg absorbs negative energies which can cloud the aura. It should be purified with holy water regularly.

Reviews from Buyers

5 Reviews
Just keep at it

Age has had a devastating effect on my bladder. I have felt that my bladder is threatening to come out through my vaginal opening. It has made coughs and sneezes inconvenient. I am happy with this egg, It is well made, smooth, and the right size for training the muscles that should keep my bladder in place. I use a bit of lube to ease insertion. This is by far the best as I have tried silicone kegel balls. After a week of training, i have noticed improvement.

Jenna on 01 Mar. 2021
Excited to see what happens

Just started to use it so I haven't seen any results yet. It is comfortable and arrived just as described.

Monica on 23 Feb. 2021
A little cloudy

These arrived and the size was about right. It came in a nice packaging but it seems a little cloudy than I thought it would be.

Lea on 02 Jan. 2021
Just as described

Perfect in every way! fast shipping, product as described, and I really like how my egg looks.

Elaine on 24 Mar. 2021
Feels good

I feel much stronger! The yoni egg provides a fun little workout that feels good. The size is just right and it is easy to clean.

Kenna on 28 Feb. 2021