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Citrine Yoni Egg
Citrine Yoni Egg
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Citrine Yoni Egg

The citrine yoni egg’s solar energy is believed to be beneficial for bladder and kidney problems. This stone emits a healing solar energy which may improve the symptoms of urinary incontinence linked to the Solar Plexus.
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  • S Small Egg Size: 3 cm
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  • L Large Egg Size: 9 cm
  • 3in1 Yoni Egg Set Size: 9 × 6 × 3 cm

The world of women’s self-care would not be the same without the yoni egg. This polished gemstone is thought to offer physical and spiritual healing to those dealing with a number of conditions. The word yoni is the Sanskrit term for the vagina, which is seen as the cradle of life. 

Mainly used as a Kegel weight, the yoni egg is meant to be inserted into the vagina. This causes the pelvic muscles to contract. Yoni egg practice can improve the elasticity of the vaginal walls. A main element of tantric sex, the yoni egg is often used by couples who seek spiritual communion or those who wish to become more sexually aware. 

Recent research has pointed out that Kegel exercises can help urinary incontinence. Many women use the yoni egg to help reduce pain, menstrual cramps, regain hormonal balance, and improve the intensity or duration of orgasms.

The citrine yoni egg is a protective talisman. Its healing capabilities are thought to be strongest in terms of benefiting bladder and kidney problems. The citrine yoni egg is a great gem to begin yoni practice with to support urinary incontinence issues. Citrine also has properties believed to aid those with menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms and morning sickness.

The stone’s name comes from the French term “citron”, which translates to lemon. Its wonderful yellow color is an indicator of the citrine's connection to the sun. Because it is linked to the Solar Plexus, citrine helps life force flow through the physical body, infusing it with vitality. Since it symbolizes life force, it is thought to reduce fatigue and support vitality.

Also known as the merchant’s stone, citrine attracts wealth and helps users improve their relationship with others. This gem guards against heartbreak and absorbs all negative energy. In crystal healing, it is used to increase self-confidence and optimism.

A gem of love and happiness, the citrine yoni egg is an extremely potent protector and healer. It channels solar energy throughout the body and stimulates the Crown Chakra, Navel Chakra and Solar Plexus. Its energy attracts love and wealth

The citrine yoni egg allegedly alleviates symptoms of urinary incontinence. Its healing abilities work best for the bladder and kidneys. Additionally, this gem is perfect for pregnant women, as it is believed to help with morning sickness. 

The stone’s energy also supports the endocrine system and makes women glow with health and confidence.