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Black Obsidian Wand
Black Obsidian Wand
Black Obsidian Wand
Black Obsidian Wand
5 Reviews

Black Obsidian Wand

The black obsidian yoni wand heightens both physical pleasure and spiritual awareness. This shamanic gemstone is charged with the cathartic energy of clashing elements. One of the most potent healing talismans, black obsidian can help its users find spiritual clarity.
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  • Packaged for Safety
  • Authentic Black Obsidian
  • Eco-Friendly Bag
Medical Advice

The purported health benefits of the yoni wand are reported by yoni wand practitioners and not backed by evidence based research. If in doubt, seek professional medical opinion.

The obsidian yoni wand’s smooth, dark surface is formed from molten lava. Its energy resonates better with women who are more mature, infusing them with confidence in their beauty. This gemstone attracts love, opportunity, and wisdom.

Black obsidian protects its user from sorrow and helps them overcome traumatic events in their past. It is the crystal of spiritual insight and balance, healing the emotional body with its vibrations. Connected to the Root Chakra, black obsidian has a grounding influence and recharges the spirit with prana.

This pleasure wand is best for those looking to become more confident. Using the black obsidian crystal dildo allows women to manifest the full extent of their sexual prowess. It makes practitioners feel more empowered and independent.

This gemstone is also an incredibly potent protection amulet which shields the aura from negative energy and removes blockages. Because it has a tendency to soak up stress and environmental pollution, obsidian should be cleansed in water periodically so that it has a chance to reset.

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How to use Yoni Wands

The black obsidian yoni wand is believed to be beneficial to those who want to dispel emotional distress through meditation and sexual gratification. During erotic massages, it supposedly relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation. Its smooth, glass-like surface ensures that it glides very gently on the skin. Black obsidian also has a high thermal conductivity, which means it will attune itself to your body temperature, creating a delicious sensation.

Linked to spiritual communion and powerful magic, black obsidian is a potent protection talisman similar to rose quartz. It can help people who battle against addictions. In crystal therapy, it is used to create an atmosphere of pensive calm.

Obsidian blocks harmful intention and bad energy, protecting the user’s astral body. It is associated with romantic love, strength, and vitality. It is a great gemstone for introspection. This can also translate to sensual self-exploration with the pleasure wand, which may help improve sex life.

The yoni wand should be sterilized before and after every session.

Reviews from Buyers

5 Reviews
We love it

This yoni wand is excellent and my partner and I are already enjoying the benefits. It is very smooth and the size is just right.

Kaila on 26 Feb. 2021

The black obsidian is amazingly beautiful. The wand has a good weight to it and feels cool to my touch. Looks really luxurious and I can't wait to try it out.

Katie on 18 Jan. 2021
Bigger than expected

Superb quality, but I am quite apprehensive about the size. Maybe with time I will enjoy it better.

Jaden on 14 Feb. 2021
A nice surprise

Superb quality and fast delivery. I was concerned that it wouldn't arrive in time for my better half's birthday. The wand is beautifully polished and she was quite pleased.

Mike on 25 Jan. 2021

Perfectly formed and easy to use. I love the quality and my wand arrived securely packaged in perfect condition.

Selena on 27 Feb. 2021