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Amethyst Yoni Egg
Amethyst Yoni Egg
Amethyst Yoni Egg
Amethyst Yoni Egg
Amethyst Yoni Egg
Amethyst Yoni Egg
Amethyst Yoni Egg
Amethyst Yoni Egg
5 Reviews

Amethyst Yoni Egg

With a legendary history linked to Bacchus, amethyst is the stone of mental clarity. Amethyst yoni eggs emit a high energy that stimulates healing and the Third Eye.
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  • Packaged for Safety
  • Authentic Amethyst
  • Eco-Friendly Bag
  • S Small Egg Size: 2 × 3 cm
  • M Medium Egg Size: 2.5 × 4 cm
  • L Large Egg Size: 3 × 4.5 cm
  • 3in1 Yoni Egg Set
Medical Advice

The purported health benefits of the yoni egg are reported by yoni egg practitioners and not backed by evidence based research. If in doubt, seek professional medical opinion.

Used in tantra and yoga, the yoni egg has become an essential helper in women’s health. A gemstone polished to perfection into an egg shape, this tool is a Kegel weight, sex toy and holistic therapy instrument all in one. With a legendary history dating back to Ancient China, the yoni egg has been used for pelvic muscle fortification for centuries. 

An elegant piece that can instill mystique in your intimate encounters, the yoni egg helps women experience better intercourse and more intense orgasms. The yoni egg practice has been claimed by yoni egg practitioners to help issues such as menstrual cramps to urinary incontinence. 

Upon insertion, the yoni egg makes the vaginal walls contract. This is known as a Kegel exercise. Daily Kegel exercises have a rejuvenating effect on the pelvic floor. Using yoni eggs helps the muscles contract correctly – an improper approach can strain the target muscle groups instead.

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Yoni Eggs

The amethyst yoni egg emanates a very soothing energy. In holistic therapies, it is used to calm the nerves and to combat insomnia. The gem is a light purple color. Legend has it that it was tainted by the wine of Bacchus. Funnily enough, in Ancient Greece, amethyst was used as a talisman against alcoholism. Some still use it for that purpose today.

Amethyst is linked to the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. It can help its user understand dreams and visions. It is also said to attract inspiration. A semiprecious stone of artistry and innovation, amethyst can unlock your full potential as a lover and a partner. 

Also known as St. Valentine’s stone, amethyst is said to help couples transcend their carnal union to a more soulful communion. It is an aural cleanser and helps those suffering from burnout, anxiety and depression. An amethyst yoni egg can bring pleasure and peace of mind.

Holistic healers believe that Amethyst can regulate hormone production and tune the health of the endocrine system. The gemstone also supposedly helps normalize metabolism and sustain the normal functioning of the immune system. 

The amethyst yoni egg is best suited for those who seek to get in touch with the divine. It bestows mental clarity upon the user and helps her understand her place in the universe. In order to obtain the best results, meditation sessions and regular yoni egg practice is recommended. 

The amethyst yoni egg was designed for transcendent lovemaking followed by blissful rest. Never use it for more than 20 minutes a day.

Reviews from Buyers

5 Reviews
Love it!

Good quality amethyst yoni egg. It serves its purpose and then some.

Maria on 07 Feb. 2021
She is satisfied

I bought this as a gift for my partner who already owns other eggs. She is very happy with the quality of the stone. Highly recommended.

Michael on 14 Jan. 2021
Good buy

Must buy if you want to experience better sex. I experienced some payment issues initially, but customer service responded and resolved the issue.

Jessica on 02 Mar. 2021
happy with my purchase

Love love love my amethyst egg! It's hard to know what you will receive sometimes from random online internet purchases but I am extremely happy!

Rebecca on 15 Dec. 2020
No Title

Beautiful colors and great quality. I really love it. Definitely going to buy others to add to my collection.

Katie on 09 Dec. 2020