Using Yoni Eggs with an IUD or During Pregnancy

Updated on:
June 25, 2021
Caitlin Goodwin

Two questions that always crop up among yoni egg users are, “Can I use yoni eggs if I have an IUD?” and “Can I use yoni eggs when I am pregnant?”. These are very valid questions, and we look at each topic as we go. 

Can I Use Yoni Eggs With an IUD?

A brief search on the internet will generate conflicting results on the use of yoni eggs with an intrauterine device (IUD). The term “intrauterine device” basically means in the uterus. This device prevents pregnancy by creating changes in the cervical mucus and the uterine lining. 

The IUD is placed into the uterus by your doctor. It can remain for 5 to 10 years. During menstruation, women are encouraged to check for the string to confirm that the IUD is in place. With so many women using IUDs, is it safe to use a yoni egg? We decided to tell both sides of the story and let you be the judge for your own body:

“OKAY”, to Use Yoni Eggs with IUDs

Women with IUDs are allowed to do normal activities such as sex and exercise. Not only that, but they can also do strenuous and demanding activities without affecting the IUD. The yoni egg practice is gentle. Although there is a risk that the egg may dislodge the IUD, the risk is minimal. Therefore, many yoni egg experts believe that it is okay to use yoni eggs with IUDs. 

Women with IUDs are recommended to use undrilled eggs. Drilled eggs allow the attachment of a disposable string that has a very low risk of getting tangled with the IUD string. However, if one is careful, the chance of this happening is very low. 

“NOT OKAY”, to Use Yoni Eggs with IUDs

Many healthcare professionals disagree with using yoni eggs with IUDs. This is mainly due to the lack of medical research and evidence. They also consider the possibility that yoni egg practice may dislodge the IUD resulting in an unplanned pregnancy.

There is also the concern that strings from drilled yoni eggs could get tangled with the strings from the IUD. Another factor is the introduction of pathogens such as bacteria from the yoni egg into the vagina. This infection could reside in the IUD and cause complex issues. 

Can I Use Yoni Eggs During Pregnancy?

Another common question among yoni egg users is if yoni eggs can be used during pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a delicate time where so much stress is placed upon the body. It is a time of transformation. 

As a sacred time to reconnect with your wisdom, many women want to use yoni eggs to support them through this time. However, there is a consensus that yoni eggs should not be used during pregnancy. Let us look at both sides of the story:

YES, to Using Yoni Eggs During Pregnancy

Many yoni egg experts believe that women should trust their intuition when it comes to using yoni eggs during pregnancy. This is because they believe that pregnant women have a higher awareness of what is best for themselves and their babies. 

They believe that miscarriages occur as the body rejects the pregnancy. This is due to an imperfection instead of something the woman has done wrong. There are many women who have used their yoni eggs to improve fertility and a number of them continued the practice during pregnancy without issues. You may consider going ahead with yoni egg practice if you:

  • Have a strong yoni egg practice for more than 6 months before pregnancy
  • Are confident and your intuition is strong
  • Have a healthy pregnancy
  • Are further ahead in your pregnancy (8 months or more)

If you decide to use your yoni egg, try to keep your practice shorter. Use this time for emotional connection instead of improving pelvic floor strength. Focus on gentle workouts and remember that your body is extra sensitive at this time.

Remember that each woman and pregnancy is unique. If in doubt, delay your yoni egg practice until you have given birth. Consider consulting your doctor before using your egg during pregnancy. 

NO, to Using Yoni Eggs During Pregnancy

Many experts including those in healthcare believe that yoni eggs should not be used during pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy is a delicate time where the risk of miscarriage is highest. The advice of not using yoni eggs during pregnancy is often given so that pregnant women err on the side of caution. 

Many may argue that the health risks are minimal. However, if your vital energy (prana) becomes too strong, it can cause contractions. Instead of yoni egg practice, use this time to rejuvenate your body and prepare for your child. Childbirth is a beautiful moment, but it can be stressful.

Deciding for Yourself

Whether it be using your yoni egg with an IUD or during pregnancy, it is important to listen to your body. If you have decided against wearing your yoni eggs, you can still use your yoni eggs. Hold your yoni egg in your hands and focus on the energy of the egg. You can use the crystal properties to meditate and perform breathing exercises. Trust your intuition and allow your wisdom to be your guide.

Caitlin Goodwin MSN, CNM, RN is a Certified Nurse-Midwife of five years and a nurse for 12 years. As a mom and writer, she loves to educate folks about reproductive health.
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