Are Yoni Eggs Good For Virgins?

Updated on:
February 13, 2022
Aimee Hughes

Yoni eggs and virginity is one of the most commonly asked questions by women of all ages. This question comes from many young women who are curious and wanting to learn more about themselves and their sexuality. There are many mothers or grandmothers who want to introduce it to their daughters or granddaughters as well.

yoni eggs for virgins

The Hymen and Virginity

The hymen is a delicate membrane located at the entrance of the vagina. This hymen has a small hole that allows blood to pass through during menstruation. This means that contrary to popular belief, young girls can use a tampon while leaving the hymen intact. 

The rupture of the hymen is associated with the loss of virginity. However, this hymen can be broken with sports or any other vigorous activity. In fact, there are even some females born without a hymen. Some have an intact hymen despite having had intercourse. For this reason, every woman is unique. It is therefore important to learn more and honor your yoni. 

The Yoni Egg Practice

In the yoni egg practice, any developed young woman can use a yoni egg. This practice is suitable as long as she has had her first period and has used tampons or menstrual cups. Any woman can choose to have a relationship with their body, sensuality, and sexuality. The most important thing is to make a good choice regarding the material and size of the egg. 

Once you are ready for your journey, the yoni egg will be your best friend. For beginners that are young, a small rose quartz yoni egg can be a great choice. This crystal offers calming and gentle energy. By encouraging trust and a sense of security, it can help develop self-esteem. Through the practice, you will learn how to love yourself by enjoying life and feeling confident.

The yoni egg practice allows you to know yourself better. This allows you to feel at home with your body and sexuality. The practice helps you to build a relationship with your inner self. It helps form positive paths and enhance sensual experiences for the future.

Begin your practice by finding a private room without any distractions. It can be quiet, or you can put on some soothing music. Set up the room the way you like it to be. Some women light candles or use an essential oil diffuser. Lighting plays a large role as well. 

Once the environment feels right, you will find that your body naturally starts to relax. It is important not to be tense during your yoni egg practice. Remind yourself that there are no expectations or timeline. There is no need to rush. 

For those who feel intimidated, it can be helpful to first visualize and perform the practice in your mind. Next, try using your fingers before moving on to using the yoni egg. The most important thing is to understand your body. Pursue your interest with a respect for your body. Go slow, take your time, and establish a relationship with your body. This helps to form positive neuronal pathways that improves your experience.

Young women who place an importance on keeping the hymen intact might not want to pursue the yoni egg practice. In this case, start with an external approach. Use the egg outside on the perineum and vulva without insertion. This helps you to start becoming more familiar with your body and to heighten awareness. 


The hymen is often linked to virginity. However, it can be broken due to sports and other vigorous activities. Virgins who place importance on having an intact hymen can start with an external yoni egg practice. This does not require insertion. Those who agree with the notion that the hymen does not reflect virginity can start the yoni egg practice. This practice can bring many advantages. 

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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