Can Men Use Yoni Eggs?

Updated on:
December 1, 2021
Aimee Hughes

Some of you may ask if men can use yoni eggs. If you mean to ask whether yoni eggs can be used anally, the answer is no! However, there are other ways for men to enjoy yoni eggs. 

Yoni eggs for men

Why Can’t Yoni Eggs Be Used Anally?

Yoni eggs are meant to be inserted into the vagina. The female anatomy dictates that inserted vaginally; yoni eggs are unable to get lost. This credit goes to the cervix as it prevents the yoni egg from going upwards into the body. 

However, it is NEVER a good idea to insert a yoni egg anally as it can get lost. There is nothing that stops the yoni egg from moving upwards from your rectum. If inserted, the egg will move deeper into the body. For this reason, anal sex toys always have flared bases to prevent it from going deeper into the body. Since yoni eggs do not have a base, inserting it into your anus will necessitate a trip to the hospital for removal. 

How Can Men Use Yoni Eggs?

Besides being inserted vaginally to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, yoni eggs can be used in other ways. Many women use yoni eggs for meditation or chakra healing. Men can use yoni eggs through:


Made from different types of crystals, yoni eggs offer crystal healing properties. Meditation with the yoni egg is no different than meditation with a crystal. It promotes better self-understanding and self-love. It helps you to release all the accumulated energy throughout the day. 

Gemstones are great tools during meditation as they help to deepen personal energy while making a connection with the universe. During your meditation practice, you can light candles and incense sticks. Relax your mind and body. Visualize energy from the stone flowing through you. Meditate on this scene as long as possible. 

Chakra Healing

Chakras are energy centers in the body. When out of balance, it disrupts the harmony in the body’s energy. Disruption of chakras can be caused by various factors such as stress, frustration, and trauma. Crystals such as yoni eggs are a great way to reverse these imbalances. Each crystal has its own frequency. Depending on the type of crystal your yoni egg is made of, you can use it for chakra healing

For example, yoni eggs made from black obsidian, carnelian, and tiger’s eye can be used to balance the root chakra. Meanwhile, rose quartz and green aventurine yoni eggs for the heart chakra. Another popular option, the amethyst yoni egg can be used for the third eye and crown chakra. 

To use your yoni eggs for chakra healing, place them over the chakra it corresponds to. You can also carry the egg with you throughout the day. Placing the yoni egg next to you or under your pillow while you are resting is also beneficial. 

Using It With A Partner

Although men are not able to use the yoni egg internally, you can share it with a partner. Gift a yoni egg to a special woman in your life. This is a beautiful gift that shows your support for her self-care. As she nourishes herself, you will benefit from her practice as well. 

Using a yoni egg during sex with your partner can also result in a unique experience. Having sex while the yoni egg is in your partner massages both of you. The yoni egg will reach crevices that may not get much attention. The stone also acts as a conduit between your partner and yourself. It can help you connect more intensely than ever. Your partner can also wear a yoni egg while having anal sex. You will be able to feel the egg rubbing against your penis. 

Final Thoughts

Although men are not able to use yoni eggs internally, there are plenty of ways to benefit from them. Using it during meditation or chakra healing can offer many benefits. Used with a partner, the crystal healing properties can benefit both parties as well. 

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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