Exercising and Training With Your Yoni Egg

Updated on:
May 12, 2021
Aimee Hughes

You have made it through all the preparations to begin your yoni egg practice, congratulations! To start, here are some simple yoni egg exercises that you can perform in almost any position:

  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Kneeling
  • Lying down

When you are ready to begin, take a deep breath, bring your yoni egg in contact with the entrance of your yoni, and insert your yoni egg into your sacred space. Moving slightly, allow the egg to gently and gradually make its way into your yoni. 

Yoni Eggs Exercise

Once the Yoni Egg Is Inside…

After insertion, continue to breathe and relax. Focus on contracting and relaxing your vaginal muscles to strengthen the tone of your pelvic floor muscles and vaginal muscles. Gently move your pelvis. It is like practicing your Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises but using your yoni egg. 

If you feel comfortable so far, you can try to squeeze your yoni egg more strongly when you are inhaling to pull the egg towards you and pushing the yoni egg outwards while exhaling. You can also try to sway your pelvis slightly while performing this exercise. 

Becoming More Aware

The presence of the yoni egg inside you can often help you become more aware of the tensions in your body. As you proceed with your yoni egg exercises, be mindful and relax your entire body. 

As your yoni egg moves within your sacred space, focus your awareness on the egg. This heightens the sensation it brings as you become more perceptible with regular practice. 

Be mindful of the sensations you feel in your body. Some yoni egg practitioners recommend keeping a diary of your experiences during your yoni egg practice. Jot down your ritual, the exercises you performed, and what you felt throughout. This can help you keep track of what exercises you like best. 

If You Don’t Feel the Yoni Egg

Some beginners to the yoni egg practice are not able to feel the yoni egg. This is normal as your sensitivity to the yoni egg will only increase with time. Instead of stressing over it, focus instead on the sensation and understanding the difference between contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles. 

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Between each exercise, rub your hands together to energize your hands and massage your belly while staying focused on beautiful energies and compassion. If it is your first time, take regular breaks between each exercise. 

If there is any discomfort, do not continue as your muscles are tired and can become painful the next day. You can also gently massage the pelvic area to help relax your yoni muscles.

Strengthening the organs

While laying down, breathe in and squeeze your yoni egg. Raise your pubis while inhaling and return to the ground while exhaling. 

Alternating the movement of your feet

Relax your hips and allow it to move freely. While placing your hands on your lower abdomen and focusing on this area, stretch one foot forward slowly. Taking your time, return your foot to the starting position and repeat with the other foot. Focus on the connection to your lower belly while stretching each foot.

Exercising the Three Orifices

With your yoni egg in your sacred area, contract and relax your yoni muscles. Focus on:

  • Your vagina
  • Your urethra
  • Your anus

Contract the vagina and urethra together. This is the upper triangle of your yoni. Next, contract the lower triangle of your yoni: the anus and vagina. 

  • Remember the sensation and keep a record of it in your yoni egg journal. 
  • You can also get into the position of a cat. Arch and round your back while relaxing your pelvis.
  • Sit down with your buttocks touching your heels, stretch your arms, back, and body.
  • Gently remove your yoni egg and take a few minutes for some peace and quiet.

The Windshield Wipers

This exercise can be done by slightly spreading your legs while pointing your feet inwards. Keep your feet in this position for the entire exercise. Move your feet outward and inward by clenching your buttocks and moving your hips. Repeat the movement and observe how your yoni muscles are working in this exercise. 

Advanced Exercise

This exercise is recommended only for women who are experienced with the yoni egg practice. It involves attaching small amounts of weight to the string attached to the yoni egg. Stand with your legs apart and squeeze your yoni egg to move it. You can gradually increase the weight attached to the string. 

For this exercise, a yoni egg made from gemstones such as aventurine or jade is recommended as these eggs are more solid compared to eggs made from rose quartz or quartz. This exercise is known as vaginal weight lifting.

Yoni Egg Exercises for Men

The jade egg practice may be primarily for women, but it can also be suitable for men. However, men should choose the smallest yoni egg size. It should be a yoni egg with a drilled hole so a string can be attached. 

Having a string attached to the drilled yoni egg is essential as the anus unlike the vagina, is not a closed system. Examples of strings you can use are unwaxed dental floss or a cotton string. 

Before insertion, lubricate your anus and gently insert the jade egg. With the help of the string, you can then squeeze the muscles in this region to move the egg up and down. Yoni egg exercises for men may help with massaging the prostate while providing great pleasure. 

Expelling the Yoni Egg

Once you have finished your practice and your yoni feels ready, push to expel your yoni egg. It may be difficult in the beginning but eventually, your yoni will expel it readily. If you have a drilled egg with a string attached, pulling on the string gently can help you expel the egg. It is similar to removing a tampon.

The yoni egg practice should be performed regularly to reap the maximum health benefits. The exercises supposedly help to improve the pelvic floor muscles, sexual energy, and overall women’s health. 

As an active woman, there are many different ways to use your egg. Once you have established a routine, you can use the egg alone or with a partner to spice up your sex life. It is important to take some time to nurture yourself both spiritually and physically. 

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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