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Yoni eggs: Types, Benefits, Risks and Instructions

Updated on:
December 23, 2020
Aimee Hughes
Everything you need to know about Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs can be essential helpers when it comes to Kegel exercises, better orgasms, and birth recovery. Choosing the set that is best suited for you might prove challenging because of the sheer variety of sizes and crystals available.

All stones have different properties that you should consider to maximize their beneficial effects. You can choose to use an entire set or a single piece.


What Is a Yoni Egg?

Have you ever heard of yoni eggs? Yoni eggs are also known as jade eggs or love eggs, names used to describe semi-precious stones that are crafted into egg-shaped weights which are inserted into the vagina. It may also be referred to as an energetic egg.

Yoni eggs are sculpted from different stones. These stones each have their own unique lithotherapeutic properties – which stone you choose depends on your desires and needs. The eggs, like the yoni wands are polished until they shine with varying degrees of transparency.

Yoni eggs have been around for a long time but it became popular when Gwyneth Paltrow started recommending it on her website.

What Does Yoni Mean?

The term “yoni” comes from a Sanskrit word which means “sacred space”. Physically, it describes the external part of the body including the:

  • Mons pubis (pubic mound)
  • Labia (lips)
  • Urethral opening
  • Clitoris

It also includes the internal organs such as the:

  • Vagina
  • Pelvic floor
  • Fallopian tube
  • Uterus
  • Ovaries

This means that the term “yoni” is used to define the entire region both external and internal parts as one.

Spiritually, the yoni is the center of the female energy and has been thought to contribute to creative force and inner wisdom.

You should not think of the yoni as just another body part. It is an extraordinary space that you should explore to connect and have a deeper understanding of your own sexuality.


How Does A Yoni Egg Work?

The theory is that a yoni egg inserted into the vagina helps to exercise the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic muscles function to maintain urinary continence, bowel continence, and support the pelvic organs such as the uterus and bladder.

Pelvic floor muscles can become stretched and weakened due to factors such as:

  • Pregnancy – When pregnancy occurs, the pelvis stretches to accommodate the growing fetus. This means the pelvic floor muscles will also stretch and have to work more to support the extra weight in the pelvis.
  • Childbirth – When childbirth or labor occurs, the stretching of the pelvic floor muscles occurs to allow the passage of the baby. Procedures such as assisted birth using forceps or vacuum may also cause stretching of the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Age – The pelvic floor muscles like any other muscle in the body weaken with age.
  • Obesity – The pelvic floor muscles becomes stretched as it needs to support more weight in obese individuals compared to normal.

In these cases, a yoni egg is believed to be a device that can help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles resulting in an improvement of symptoms.

Yoni egg practitioners also believe in the healing and spiritual benefits of the gemstones used.

The yoni egg should be thought of as a treasure or jewel which you weave a friendship with. It is a tool that helps you form a deeper bond with your yoni.

The Symbolism of The Yoni Egg

The yoni egg is a symbol of life, rebirth, fertility, and a new start. It is also thought to evoke happiness, tenderness, intrauterine life, and the inner child.

The egg represents unity, a reunion of yin and yang, the areas of shadow and light that exist in all of us.

Wearing the yoni egg allows women the feeling of being one with it and finding their true place. It is a symbol of creative energy as well as the liberation of our vital energy that sometimes can become imprisoned in the body in response to trauma.

Do Yoni Eggs Really Work?

If you perform a simple search on the internet, you will find many success stories of how yoni eggs have helped or improved many lives.

Many of these individuals share their experiences and claim that yoni eggs brought stability, balance, and improved their women’s health in general.

You can even find online groups that support and help beginners learn more about yoni egg practice and Kegel exercises using yoni eggs. They can also be a great tool for yoni massage therapy.

Medical Advice

Yoni eggs are not approved for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders but many women have shared how it has helped them in many ways.

If you are interested in purchasing and using a yoni egg, try to do some research regarding which type suits you best, and make the purchase from a trusted source.


Yoni Egg Benefits

Many women are so consumed in their role of daughter, wife, and mother – always living up to the expectation of others and struggling to fulfill so many roles that they often forget about self-care.

With yoni egg practice, you nurture yourself and your energy. Women who use the yoni egg often report many advantages and health benefits such as:

With yoni egg practice, you nurture yourself and your energy. Women who use the yoni egg often report many advantages and health benefits such as:

  • enthusiasm harmony and joyFinding enthusiasm, harmony, and joy – By practicing self-care, you find time to nurture yourself.
  • more awareBeing kind to yourself helps you to be more aware – Through finding time to reconnect with yourself, you become more aware of your own emotions and feelings. Many women believe that the yoni egg helps to improve their sexual energy which in turn, is better for their sexual health.
  • self confidenceDevelops self-confidence – The yoni egg practice helps you to move out of your comfort zone. Like meditation or yoga, it makes it possible to become more self-confident.
  • learning to love yourselfLearning to love yourself – Many women are uncomfortable with their own body. The yoni egg practice helps you to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are. Beauty is beyond one’s appearance and many women have said that the yoni egg acts as a centering object inside you.
  • strengthening the pelvic floor musclesStrengthening the pelvic floor muscles – The yoni egg can be used for pelvic floor exercises. This is especially useful for women who experience urinary incontinence or have any other pelvic floor issues due to a weakened pelvic floor.

There are many different pelvic floor disorders that may benefit from yoni egg practice:

  • relaxing the pelvic floor musclesRelaxing the pelvic floor muscles – The yoni egg can also help to relax pelvic floor muscles that are too tight. When the muscles are too tight, it can cause issues such as chronic constipation or pain during sex. Through yoni egg practice, the pelvic floor can learn not to contract as much and improve your sex life.
  • regulating the menstrual cycleRegulating the menstrual cycle, helping with premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and providing relief from menstrual cramps – Women with premenstrual syndrome have reported how the yoni egg practice have helped them regulate their cycle along with improvement with pain and PMS issues.
  • preparing for childbirthPreparing for childbirth – The yoni egg practice before conception helps build up the muscle tone and can make childbirth easier.
  • improves lubricationImproves lubrication – The yoni egg may help stimulate the Bartholin glands that increases lubrication in the vagina. Some women also use their egg as a sex toy.
  • meditation and healingMeditation and healing – If you regulate your breathing during your practice, this exercise can become a time for meditation and healing. Blood flow to the pelvic area will increase. This can help women who are struggling with issues related to intimacy and arousal.

How to use Yoni Eggs?

Yoni eggs are adaptable to all lifestyles regardless of age. It is suitable for women who are at their sexual prime to those who have lost all desire for sex.

The reason each person seeks to use the yoni eggs will differ depending on their circumstance, intentions, needs, and desires. This makes the size and type of stone to differ for each woman.

Yoni eggs come in three different sizes with different lengths and width:

  • small yoni egg
    Small yoni eggs measure about 1 inch wide and 1.6 inches long
  • medium yoni egg
    Medium yoni eggs are about 1.2 inches wide and 1.8 inches long
  • large yoni egg
    Large yoni eggs measure about 1.4 inches wide and almost 2 inches long

When choosing the size of your yoni egg, remember that every woman is different. The yoni is incredibly elastic and although the large size may seem scary, it is suitable for beginners as well. If the yoni egg you choose is too small, it may not be able to stay in place.

To choose your egg, take into consideration several factors:

  • Age
  • Tone
  • Virginity
  • Advancement in the practice
  • Athletic activity
  • History of surgery and trauma

The medium and large yoni eggs are ideal for most women. For example, a young and active woman who has never given birth to children should choose a medium egg while a woman who has given birth vaginally should choose a large egg. It is not unusual to not be able to feel the egg inside you.

The small sized yoni egg will not stay inside if you do not have the tone needed in your perineum. This is why the small yoni egg is only recommended for women who have advanced in the yoni egg practice.

Small sized yoni eggs are also recommended for athletes or women who have difficulty inserting tampons. As a beginner, if you picked the right size, your yoni egg will stay inside you.

Many women choose to have all three eggs so they can develop their practice. After choosing the size of your stone, you can proceed to choosing the type of stone. To choose the type of stone for your yoni egg, choose based on:

  • The intrinsic energy of the stone
  • Your energy needs
  • Your reaction to the stone’s energy

Gemstones played a crucial role in ancient civilizations. Through lithotherapy, these stones can help you to recover and regain balance. Those who learn how to use these stones find that the stones become their lifelong companions.

How to choose your stone:


You may think you choose the stone, but for many, it is the stone that chooses you. Try picking up the stone and feel for the energy in your fingers.

By the stone’s chemical composition

You can also choose a stone based on their color as different colors are associated with different chakras. For example, stones that are brown, red, or black are connected to the root chakra while the heart chakra is usually associated with stones that are pink or green.

By color

You can also choose the stone based on the chemical components present in the stone. For example, lepidolite yoni eggs may be a good choice for those with bipolar disorder as there is lithium present in lepidolite. The presence of lithium can help individuals with mood swings as it has a calming effect.

By properties of the stone

Each stone has its own property. These properties are further explained below.

Chosen Your Yoni Egg? What Next?

Once you have chosen your yoni egg, you will need to:

  • Clear – To clear your yoni egg, remove negative energy from the yoni egg by burning some sage. Smudge your yoni egg and allow it to cleanse the egg.
  • Charge – Charge your yoni egg by placing it under sunlight or moonlight for several hours or as long as you feel necessary. You can also charge it using sea salt.
  • Bond – After clearing and charging your yoni egg, you can start to bond with your yoni egg by holding it and letting it know your needs and desires.This can be done by talking to it or conveying what you wish to tell it silently. Repeat it several times until you feel comfortable.

You can then start wearing your yoni egg by inserting it in either direction. Inserting your yoni egg is similar to inserting a tampon without an applicator.

Some yoni eggs are drilled while some are undrilled. You do not have to worry about retrieving it as it can only stay in the vaginal canal. You can tie unwaxed and unflavored dental floss to a drilled egg so it is easier to retrieve it when you are done.

You can use your yoni egg to:

  • Meditate – Hold the yoni egg inside or with your hands. Relax, feel the energy, and connect with your spiritual self. Let it flow.
  • Exercise – You can also use the yoni egg to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. Learn more about it through yoni egg exercises.
  • Breathe – Insert your yoni egg and focus on your breathing and yoni. Sync your breaths and vaginal muscles while focusing on yourself and your energy.
  • Sex – Some women enjoy having sex using the yoni egg. You can do this best with a smaller egg and have it positioned near the g-spot. Be careful so the yoni egg does not hit the cervix too much to cause pain and soreness.

Beginners should also learn the proper way to clean yoni eggs as yoni eggs that are unhygienic may cause conditions such as bacterial vaginosis.

Depending on your experience with yoni eggs, you can start by wearing your yoni egg for a short duration and gradually increasing the time as you feel more comfortable.


Types of Gemstones

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner looking for a change, here is a list of yoni eggs and their properties. It’s up to you to find the one that is most attuned to your personal experiences.

Nephrite Jade Egg
Nephrite Jade Egg
  • The stone encourages healing and shields the user from harm.
  • Its colors can be therapeutic even while you’re not using it to practice Kegel exercises.
  • With the appropriate care, a jade egg can last a lifetime.
  • Many experienced practitioners suggest jade is the best stone to start with.
Main information

The jade yoni egg is best suited for beginners. The crystal is very hard and will not break or chip if dropped by accident. Jade is less porous than other stones and has a high thermal conductivity, which means it will adjust its temperature to that of your body in record time.

The stone can be creamy white, pale to emerald green, blue, mauve, or even pink. Nephrite jade is the commonest form of jade and can have green, grey, white, yellow, or red hues.

Jade is said to be a stone that protects its wearer from negative energy and stimulates dreams and creativity. It helps stabilize its user’s emotions and aids the kidneys, adrenal glands, and reproductive organs.

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg
Rose Quartz Yoni Egg
  • The rose quartz yoni egg stimulates the flow of energy through the Heart Chakra.
  • It attracts love and teaches the user self-love.
  • It will make the user feel more youthful.
  • It helps heal from emotional trauma or strain.
Main information

Also dubbed “the Heart Egg,” this yoni egg is designed to improve our ability to give and receive love. Rose quartz is connected to the Heart Chakra and has been used as a love token for centuries. It is directly connected to feminine energy and is said to circulate love throughout your aura. The crystal is hazy or translucent and has a soft pink color.

The rose quartz egg can be used to reawaken the practitioner to self-love and emotional healing. It helps rebuild self-confidence and gives off a peaceful, soothing energy.

Black Obsidian Yoni Egg
Black Obsidian Yoni Egg
  • The stone has a very smooth surface and can help improve your orgasm.
  • Black obsidian is directly connected to the Root Chakra, which corresponds to the pelvic area.
  • It helps the user become more self-aware and emotionally stable.
  • It protects its user by absorbing any negative energy from their surroundings.
Main information

Black obsidian is a stone formed by the interaction of several powerful elements: fire, earth, and water. This yoni egg is linked to the Root Chakra and can help the practitioner feel more grounded by removing emotional blockages and negative attachments that might have built up in the aura. It looks glassy and shiny.

Throughout the ages, black obsidian was used to make crystal balls and mirrors for healing purposes. The crystal reveals inner truth. It bestows clarity upon its user. It absorbs all negative energy, which is why it is also used in Feng Shui.

Amethyst Yoni Egg
Amethyst Yoni Egg
  • Amethyst helps you get in touch with the divine.
  • It makes you sleep and dream better.
  • It can empower you to reclaim control of your life by kicking bad habits.
  • It improves your intuition and your imagination.
Main information

Perhaps the stone with the strongest healing powers, amethyst enhances mental clarity. It helps the user remember dreams. In Ancient Greece, it was used to free people from their addiction to alcohol.

It has remained a reliable helper for all those who wish to get sober to this day. Amethyst fosters creativity by amplifying the user’s inventiveness and intuition. Its colors range from a pinkish-purple to deep violet.

An amethyst yoni egg can improve the quality of meditation and lucid dreaming. It makes practitioners connect with their higher selves and get rid of negative influences.

Carnelian Yoni Egg
Carnelian Yoni Egg
  • Carnelian will help you be more assertive.
  • It protects its user and brings good luck and prosperity.
  • The stone improves libido.
  • A carnelian yoni egg can reignite passion in the bedroom by making you feel sexy and confident.
Main information

Carnelian is also called “the womb stone” or “Sacral Chakra stone.” Its color can range from deep red, orange, and chestnut brown, all the way to white. Carnelian is associated with courage, leadership, and initiative. It unlocks your analytic abilities and wards off mental idleness.

This crystal can help you get on top of your game. It might just turn you into a boss, whether you’re in the office or your bedroom. Carnelian is a sun stone and draws its energy from fire. If you’re looking to become a more passionate lover, then this is the yoni egg for you.

Red Jasper Yoni Egg
Red Jasper Yoni Egg
  • Red jasper emits a soothing, nurturing energy.
  • It triggers the flow of kundalini energy throughout the chakras.
  • The stone helps users to improve sexual performance.
  • It helps the user feel more in touch with nature.
Main information

Like black obsidian, red jasper is also linked to the Root Chakra. In ancient times, it was used to bring rain and has since been known as a nurturing stone. Native American tribes call red jasper “the blood of Mother Earth,” as it emits a powerful grounding energy. Its stabilizing force can make the user feel safe and strong.

Red jasper yoni eggs can stimulate endurance through the flow of kundalini energy through the chakras. It cleanses and strengthens the aura, which leads to improved libido and stamina. Red jasper reignites passion and helps the user feel more connected to nature and the earth.

Green Aventurine Yoni Egg
Green Aventurine Yoni Egg
  • Green aventurine brings luck and prosperity.
  • It can help keep blood pressure and metabolism in check.
  • It brings optimism and zest for life.
  • It encourages perseverance.
Main information

Green aventurine is the luckiest of all semiprecious stones. It is famous for increasing its users’ chances in every situation. Having this stone can give you the edge over your opponents. Like amethyst, green aventurine fosters creativity and can help you think of original ideas.

Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties and can regulate blood pressure and metabolism. This makes it a must-have for users that feel overwhelmed by the stress of their everyday lives.

Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
  • A clear quartz yoni egg emits healing energy.
  • It is an aural cleanser.
  • You can charge it with your wishes.
  • It amplifies the characteristics of any other yoni eggs you have.
Main information

“Master Healer” and “Universal Crystal” are just two of the many other names clear quartz is known by. This stone can be used to amplify the effect of other stones. It also enhances the energy it receives from its environment.

You can program the crystal with a specific intent after purifying it. Just project your thoughts upon it in order to charge it to your will.

Clear quartz is a deep soul healer. It can neutralize background radiation and regulate and absorb negative energy. It supports the immune system, and you can use it to purify your aura.

Rhodonite Yoni Egg
Rhodonite Yoni Egg
  • Rhodonite can help heal a broken heart.
  • Its user can stay strong in the face of emotional turmoil and overcome destructive tendencies.
  • It helps with meditation and healing.
  • This is the go-to yoni egg for those with relationship problems.
Main information

Like rose quartz, rhodonite is connected to the Heart Chakra. Its name comes from the Greek word for rose and is a nod to its beautiful swirling pink color.

Rhodonite can help its user heal from codependent or abusive relationships. It is one of the most powerful love stones. Also known as “the rescue stone,” it enhances emotional healing.

On top of that, rhodonite can balance yin and yang energies. This leads to better communication skills and more self-control when faced with self-destructive tendencies. This is the best stone to help you overcome emotionally challenging moments.

Red Aventurine Yoni Egg
Red Aventurine Yoni Egg
  • A red aventurine yoni egg would enhance your body’s healing process.
  • It makes users more open to constructive criticism.
  • It has beneficial effects on the heart and reproductive system.
  • It helps its users be more involved in their everyday lives.
Main information

Red aventurine is linked to helping the physical body. It improves blood circulation and strengthens muscles by enhancing the flow of universal energy. The stone is known to have a great healing effect over the heart and urogenital system.

Not only does red aventurine help the body, but it also dispels feelings of apathy and disconnectedness. It helps its user enjoy life to the max.

It makes people more open toward feedback and suggestions. Aventurine will teach you to use every input to work toward an expanded state of consciousness.

Bloodstone Yoni Egg
Bloodstone Yoni Egg
  • Bloodstone is a sun stone with links to Jesus Christ.
  • It’s one of the most powerful healing stones.
  • It channels and amplifies the user’s selflessness.
  • It empowers and protects its user.
Main information

The myth of the bloodstone’s creation is tied to Christ’s crucifixion. The crystal is a deep green with red flakes, which symbolize the blood shed by Jesus at the base of the cross. It is one of the most powerful healing stones, also known as a gem of noble sacrifice.

The stone has been used for detoxification and healing since antiquity. It was also said to bring victories in battle or court to its user. It used to be ground and mixed with honey to be used as a coagulant. Warriors usually carried it. This crystal can make the carrier kinder, more altruistic, and successful.

Agate Yoni Egg
Agate Yoni Egg
  • Agate’s lower energetic frequency is perfect for a first-time yoni egg user.
  • The stone helps practitioners feel more grounded during meditation.
  • It wards off strain and stress.
  • It can also be used for color therapy.
Main information

Agate is part of the quartz family and has similar properties to clear quartz and rose quartz. Like its counterparts, it is a cleansing, healing stone, with a very grounding energy.

The crystal can comfort those who are anxious about new beginnings or those looking to shake off a bad habit. Its colors range from a bluish-purple all the way to an ashen green.

The energetic frequency of agate is said to be much subtler and gentler than that of other stones. It can be a great stone to choose for your first yoni egg. This gem is great against stressors, and it helps the practitioner regain confidence.

Grey Labradorite Yoni Egg
Grey Labradorite Yoni Egg
  • Labradorite has been used by shamans and healers to reach a higher state of being for centuries.
  • While its energy is calming, its magical properties are very potent.
  • It tempers the negative side of its user’s personality.
  • The stone enhances the user’s experience when practicing meditation and astral projection.
Main information

A stone said to be a piece fallen out of the aurora borealis, labradorite is a source of magic. It was widely used by shamans and healers to aid their travels to the spiritual realm. While the stone is dark-toned, it contains iridescent flakes that shine wonderfully.

A labradorite yoni egg is bound to bring your inner high priestess to the surface. It heightens the user’s mental and intuitive abilities and is used in communicating with spirits. The stone emits a calming energy.

Lapis Lazuli Yoni Egg
Lapis Lazuli Yoni Egg
  • Lapis lazuli is also called “the wisdom keeper.”
  • It is associated with the third eye chakra, which corresponds to the inner spirit.
  • The stone heightens awareness. Experimenting with a lapis lazuli yoni egg can be an unforgettable sensorial experience.
  • It is connected to solar energy.
Main information

A gemstone beloved by royalty, lapis lazuli is bound to make you feel like a true queen. The semiprecious stone was a treasure during antiquity because of the vivid blue dye produced from its powder. In the Islamic Orient, it remains one of the most popular stones for protection against the evil eye.

Lapis lazuli is known for enhancing intellectual ability. The gem stimulates memory, creativity, and can help the practitioner make the right decision.

Citrine Yoni Egg
Citrine Yoni Egg
  • Citrine channels the energy of the sun through its user’s Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • It helps build up optimism and a positive outlook on life.
  • It stimulates creativity.
  • The stone makes practitioners feel reinvigorated.
Main information

This yoni egg is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra. Citrine is a stone of perseverance, creativity, and abundant wealth. It is part of the quartz family, and like lapis lazuli, it emits an energizing solar energy. Citrine is a stone best suited for artists, as it can make you more inventive.

Like any other quartz crystal, you can program citrine with your wishes after cleansing it. It emits a joyful energy that clears blockages in the Solar Plexus Chakra. It can make the practitioner feel more positive and at peace. A citrine yoni egg is an amplifier for good vibrations.

Mookaite Yoni Egg
  • A mookaite yoni egg will put you in tune with your natural instincts.
  • It has healing energy that supports the immune system.
  • Mookaite can boost your confidence.
  • It makes you feel connected to Mother Earth.
Main information


This gem empowers its user to connect to the energies of the earth and has potent healing properties. It can be a physical stabilizer and a great aid to the immune system.

Using a yoni egg made out of mookaite will reawaken and strengthen your natural instincts. It increases practitioners’ confidence in their own power and makes them more self-assured. Mookaite is a stone of intuitive knowledge that amplifies its user’s gut feelings.

Garnet Yoni Egg
  • Garnet is linked to the Root and Crown Chakras.
  • It emits powerful kundalini energy.
  • The gem is known to heighten sex drive.
  • It was used as a healing talisman by high priests of ancient times.
Main information

Used as a healing talisman for thousands of years, garnet was a sacred stone for many ancient peoples, including the Native Americans and Mayans. Its name comes from the word “granatum,” which means pomegranate in Latin.

A common misconception is that all garnets are red. It has several colors, including green, orange, and dark yellow.

Red garnet is associated with the Root and Crown Chakras. It is a powerful stimulator of kundalini energy. This gem is associated with sexual potency, passion, and harmony. A garnet yoni egg is perfect for practitioners that want to enhance their sexual prowess.

Ruby Yoni Egg
Ruby Yoni Egg
  • Connected to the Heart and the Root Chakras, ruby has a very important role in regulating the flow of chi.
  • A yoni egg made out of this gemstone will help with period pain and sexual dysfunctions.
  • Ruby attracts passionate, committed love.
  • It makes the user more energized and enthusiastic.
Main information

Considered the most magnificent of all gems, rubies can be found on the crowns of rulers and also in the shape of a yoni egg.

This gem symbolizes prosperity and protection and stimulates blood flow. Ruby is connected to the heart - a stone of romance and passionate commitment. The stone attracts loving energy.

Because it can regulate practitioners’ blood flow, a ruby yoni egg can help ease menstrual pain. The gem can be used in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions, whether it be early onset menopause or infertility. Ruby also has detoxification properties.

Shungite Yoni Egg
  • Shungite is a potent healing stone.
  • It has antioxidant capabilities, which means it can make its user feel more energetic.
  • It reduces stress.
  • It is capable of cleansing both body and soul.
Main information

Known as the “miracle stone,” shungite rose to fame in the 21st century. The scientific study that focused on its properties won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1996.

What makes shungite so special is the fact that it is the only known mineral to contain fullerenes, a crystalline form of carbon which has a neutralizing effect on free radicals.

Its antioxidant capabilities have made shungite one of the most powerful healing stones. The gem is used to purify water and to shield against electromagnetic frequencies. A shungite yoni egg has rejuvenating and restorative effects.

Tiger Eye Yoni Egg
Tiger Eye Yoni Egg
  • Tiger eye helps practitioners be courageous and understand their true desires.
  • This yoni egg stimulates fertility and healing from past trauma.
  • It will put you in touch with your wild side.
  • It helps regulate blood pressure.
Main information

Used by the ancient Egyptians for the eyes in the statues of their gods, tiger eye is a stone of clarity and courage, enabling its user to be brave and to make wise decisions.

Just like ruby, tiger eye has a stabilizing effect on blood flow, and placed within the reproductive organ, it can stimulate fertility and help resolve past trauma.

Just like ruby, tiger eye has a stabilizing effect on blood flow, and placed within the reproductive organ, it can stimulate fertility and help resolve past trauma.

Opalite Yoni Egg
Opalite Yoni Egg
  • Opalite is associated with the Crown Chakra
  • It can help with mood swings.
  • It is used to purify the blood and kidneys.
  • It can improve sexual performance.
Main information

Known as the gem that rewards faithful lovers, opalite is a type of man-made glass infused with opal minerals. Its color can range from clear to opaque white to soft pink and orange hues.

Because it contains natural minerals, opalite has healing properties. It is aligned with the Crown Chakra, which influences the brain and nervous system.

Opalite alleviates depression, soothes anxiety, and has a purifying effect on the user’s blood. It is known to help overcome mood swings. An opalite yoni egg is the perfect fit for those seeking to improve their sexual prowess.

Sodalite Yoni Egg
  • Sodalite can help you feel inspired.
  • This stone is known to keep emotions under control.
  • It can help practitioners deal with PMS, loss of fertility, or aging.
  • Its user will better understand their place in the universe.
Main information

Known as the “stone of reason” or “poet’s stone,” sodalite has been a writer’s aid for centuries. It helps practitioners better understand their relationship with the universe and promotes rational thought. It is useful to those who are emotion-driven, restless, or anxious.

Sodalite’s qualities have deemed it an essential helper to women who are struggling with menopause or PMS. A yoni egg made out of this gem will support the regulation of hormonal imbalances and emotional outbursts.

The egg can prove essential in coming to terms with empty nest syndrome, loss of fertility, and aging.

Hematite Yoni Egg
  • Consult a physician before beginning to use a hematite yoni egg if you have a pacemaker.
  • Hematite attracts good luck.
  • It is connected to the Root Chakra and has beneficial effects on blood pressure.
  • It emits a powerful energy drawn straight from the earth.
Main information

Named after the Greek word for blood, “haima,” hematite is a gemstone with a grounding effect, connected to the Root Chakra. It helps bring more stability in today’s fast-paced world and protects its user by absorbing harmful energies.

Warriors of ancient times used hematite talismans as good luck charms because they believed they contained the life essence of their fallen brethren.

Because of hematite’s powerful magnetic vibrations, you should consult a doctor for medical advice before using it in your practice if you wear a pacemaker. The stone is known to be a shield against electromagnetic frequencies.

Malachite Yoni Egg
  • Malachite alleviates PMS and regulates the menstrual cycle.
  • Using a malachite yoni egg can lead to easier childbirth and faster recuperation.
  • The stone is connected to the Heart Chakra but can be used to activate other chakras as well.
  • It is a protective agent and wards off negative influences.
Main information

Known as “the midwife’s stone”, malachite has been an amplifying element of the feminine divine for centuries. It is primarily used to encourage the healing of sexual organs and is known to regulate the menstrual cycle, ease childbirth, and help with menstrual pain.
Malachite’s vibrant green color, which mimics that of leaves, is spiritually inviting.

Its main function is protection, and it guards off radiation. This stone is linked to the Heart Chakra, and it may influence what someone chooses to let into their lives. Additionally, it may be used to activate other chakras.

Moonstone Yoni Egg
  • Moonstone helps the user harmonize with the universe.
  • It is the most potent fertility stone and can regulate the menstrual cycle.
  • Moonstone is linked to the Crown Chakra and channels immense kundalini energy.
  • It has been a token of love and passion since Ancient times and is known to enhance sexual performance.
Main information

The most potent fertility crystal, moonstone has the power to awaken your full erotic potential. The gem is associated with the Crown Chakra and can channel kundalini energy at full force.

Moonstone has positive effects on the menstrual cycle and can alleviate cramps. It is linked to a better birthing experience.

This stone was used and worn by Indian gods and goddesses. Through its powerful energy and mythos, moonstone can also cleanse other chakras and kindle the balance between physical and spiritual wellness.

A moonstone yoni egg can help the practitioner become more attuned to their body’s natural rhythm.



Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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