Should You Use Yoni Eggs During Your Period?

Updated on:
June 20, 2021
Aimee Hughes

Many beginners to the yoni egg practice ask if they can use yoni eggs during their period. In short, no, you should not use yoni eggs during your period. Why? This is because menstruation is a sacred process that our bodies go through every month. As you learn more about this feminine cycle, you will understand why yoni eggs are not recommended during this time. 

A Spiritual Perspective on Menstruation

Many women feel that the menstrual cycle is a pain. It is a nuisance that can cause pain and embarrassment. We reject our biology that gives rise to life. We forget to honor ourselves and become detached from our inner wisdom. 

Once we stop rejecting it, we will realize the sacredness of this rhythmic feminine cycle. Throughout this time, we should be proud and confident of our bodies. In Native American culture, women who were menstruating were seen to hold great spiritual power. This was a time for women to stop all their daily routines to cultivate their spiritual energy. 

During menstruation, the body desires to withdraw, rest, and hibernate. This is a time for solitude and activities that require quiet focus. As our yoni goes into hibernation, it is best to stick to gentle exercises such as walking, stretching, and yin yoga. Nourish yourself with warm and soft foods. Soups and stews are good options. 

Listening To Your Body

Menstruation is a time of opportunity. During this time, focus on letting go of all that is negative. Cleanse yourself on a physical, emotional, and mental level. At this time, our body is in favor of releasing all that no longer has a purpose so we can start anew. Many women find that their bodies simply do not want the yoni egg inside during menstruation

Your body is wise. Listen and honor your body’s message. Instead of wearing your yoni egg, use this time to meditate and heal yourself. Menstruation is a time for reflection. One of the manifestations of feminine energy is wisdom. Connect with your divine feminine energy and get in touch with wisdom and creativity. 

Using Your Yoni Egg For Meditation

One of the best ways to honor this sacred phase is by using your yoni egg to meditate. Instead of wearing your yoni egg, give your uterus space to heal and release without stimulating it. As your yoni is trying to release, enhance this process by using your yoni egg for meditation and healing. You can choose:

  • Ruby yoni egg

These stones are the most conducive during menstruation. Allow your feminine energy to choose a stone that resonates most closely with you. As you connect to the different energies, you may experience physical improvements such as being more relaxed and having fewer cramps. 

More Reasons Why Not To Use Yoni Eggs During Menstruation

Besides the spiritual aspect, there are other reasons why you should not use yoni eggs during your period. Every crystal is susceptible to menstrual blood. The yoni has an acidic state with an average pH of 4.5. This is the yoni’s protective mechanism against infections. 

During menstruation, the pH of the yoni changes to 7.5. This is a more neutral state making the yoni more prone to infections. This is one reason why yoni eggs are discouraged as yoni egg insertion can increase the risk of infection. Menstrual blood can also corrode the surface of yoni eggs making it no longer usable.


During menstruation, the yoni is more sensitive and delicate. There is more circulation in the area. For some women, menstruation can be a difficult time with cramps, pain, and fatigue. Instead of wearing your yoni egg, hold it in your hands or place it on a corresponding chakra to help your body heal. Meditation using the yoni egg is also highly recommended.

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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