What to Do if Your Yoni Egg Gets Stuck?

Updated on:
June 11, 2021
Aimee Hughes

You are ready to begin your yoni egg practice, but you are a bit nervous. You have heard that sometimes the egg gets stuck. You are scared that it could happen to you!

Do not stress. Yoni eggs are easy to use and remove. Once you get used to practicing with your egg, the retrieval process becomes second nature.

Yoni eggs very seldom get stuck within the yoni. If they do, then most times it is because beginners new to the practice may have a bit of difficulty retrieving the egg. This is most often a result of anxiety or nervousness. Sometimes the yoni egg decides that it needs to stay in a bit longer!

 Read on to find out why this should not cause you undue stress.

What to do if your yoni egg gets stuck?

Using Your Yoni Egg

To begin your practice, make yourself comfortable in your sacred space – a space where you feel relaxed and comfortable. Ensure your egg is warm and you are in a relaxed mood.

Find a comfortable position that suits you and gently insert your egg. Do not force your egg or push it in too far. Naturally, let your yoni accept the egg and it will settle in. 

Removing Your Yoni Egg

Removing your yoni egg is not a difficult feat. At first, it may seem a bit uncomfortable but once you get used to it, it becomes easier.

If you are using a drilled yoni egg, the string attached will make it easier to pull out the egg. To remove a drilled yoni egg, gently pull on the string as you would a tampon. Remember to relax your vaginal muscles; this makes it easier.

If you are using an undrilled yoni egg, a simple push is all you need to remove it. 

What if My Yoni Egg Gets Stuck?

Let’s explore why your egg is stuck and what you can do to help release it. It is rare for a yoni egg to become stuck in your yoni. Usually, this will happen for one of the following reasons:

  • Your egg is not ready to be released
  • You are tense, causing your vaginal muscles to contract, making it difficult for the egg to release
  • Your egg just needs a little extra help to come out

Please note that the egg can’t get lost. The cervix is an enclosed space and there is nowhere for the egg to go. 

What Should I Do if My Egg is Stuck?

  • Get into a squatting position and gently push your vaginal muscles to dislodge the egg. Gravity together with the weight of the egg helps move it.
  • Breathe in slowly and breathe out deeply. This will relax any tight vaginal muscles, allowing the egg to move down.
  • Taking a warm bath relaxes you, helping to loosen tight muscles. Focus on softening your muscles, allowing them to relax.
  • Laughter helps to relax your body, aiding in expelling the egg.
  • Dancing or moving your hips around can help your egg to naturally make its way out.
  • Applying a bit of lubrication such as coconut oil can help ease the egg out.
  • You can use a finger to assist you in first hooking the egg and then scooping it out. 

If your egg is stuck, do not panic. Here are some tips for removing your egg:

Sometimes the egg is not ready to leave your body. It is often said that once the yoni egg has done its healing work, it will come out. So, try to remain calm and trust in the process.

However, if you feel uncomfortable with the yoni egg overstaying its welcome, seek professional help from your gynecologist. Your doctor can easily remove the egg with the help of a speculum. A speculum is a gynecological tool used to open the walls of the vagina and examine the vagina and cervix, allowing your doctor to locate and remove the yoni egg in an instant.

Cleaning Your Yoni Egg

After removal, make sure to immediately rinse off and clean your yoni egg under running water. If you are using a drilled egg, make sure you clean the hole and wash the string as well. If you use unwaxed, unflavoured dental floss to string your egg, remember to dispose of it after each use.

Many beginners prefer to start their practice with a drilled egg which they feel gives them more control and makes them feel more secure about removing it. That’s perfectly okay. Once you have practiced a few times, you may decide to use an egg without a string.

Always remember: trust your body and let it work with your egg.

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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