Yoni Egg History: Revealing The Mystery Of Vaginal Eggs

Updated on:
January 3, 2022
Aimee Hughes

There has been much discussion and debate regarding the history of yoni eggs. There are some that say it has ancient Chinese origins. Others argue that it is all a fad started in modern times. In this article, we explore the prospects with an open mind. 

yoni eggs history

Legendary Origins of The Yoni Egg

In the 1970s, Mantak Chia was the first Taoist master who started to talk about jade eggs. Born in Thailand, he is best known for teaching Taoist practices through workshops, books, and videos. 

In his books, he talked about how the yoni egg practice was reserved for the queen, princess, and concubines. They were taught the “art of lovemaking” by female Taoist instructors. It is said that certain Taoist sects believe that sexuality is a part of spirituality. They believed that it helps to cultivate good health, longevity, and spiritual advancement. 

The yoni eggs are believed to originate from ancient China more than two thousand years ago. This practice started at the request of the emperor for the empress and concubines. It was believed to strengthen their reproductive organs while preserving youth and vitality. 

By being able to control their vaginal contractions, they controlled the emperor’s excitement. The cosmic energy garnered ensured that the emperor could connect with a higher dimension of himself. This enabled him to be able to make the best decisions for his country. For this reason, he favored his partners who became experts in the practice. 

Why Jade?

The yoni egg started out as a jade egg. This means that all yoni eggs then were made from jade. The royal family chose jade as they valued it more than gold due to its balanced energy. 

They chose jade since it is revered as a sacred crystal of the wood element. It has a strong density making it a strong crystal. Since it is less porous in nature, it is unlikely it will break. This crystal activates the liver, promoting the flow and movement of chi (our life force). 

A high vibrational stone, jade enhances creativity. Jade warms up quickly to adapt to our body temperature. This makes it the best choice for any person interested in yoni egg practice. 

The Other Side of The Story

There are some who believe that the yoni egg is nothing more than a modern fad. This is due to the lack of archaeological artifacts or documents that support the use of yoni eggs throughout Chinese history. 

Meanwhile, there are some sources that say that the yoni egg has been used in ancient times by women in the Philippines, the Caribbean, and Africa. There are even reports where a wooden yoni egg was thought to be found in Nefatari’s tomb during excavation. 

Regardless of their origins, yoni eggs can be beneficial. Today, we use the yoni egg practice to empower ourselves. It is readily adaptable to women’s lives today as we deal with family, obligations, work, aspirations, and many more. 

The yoni egg practice helps to awaken the feminine energy. With regular use, it allows us to connect to our inner self. 


The yoni egg practice has lasted through many years and garnered many loyal fans. For this to happen, the yoni egg must have contributed to the betterment of many lives. Today, there are yoni egg alternatives available such as kegel balls or weights. Despite the many options, many women still prefer the yoni egg. It is a natural option that gives the added advantage of crystal healing. 

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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