White Jade Healing Properties, Benefits, & Meaning

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February 21, 2022
Aimee Hughes

White jade healing properties can bring positive energy to your life. Experience the brilliant power of light that this stone emits. It is known to help you feel peaceful and calm as it purifies the energies of your heart. 

White jade

White Jade Meaning

A variety of nephrite jade, white jade is known by many other names. It can be called “chicken bone” jade or mutton fat jade. Ranging from translucent white to light brown, this beautiful stone has been treasured throughout the ages. The largest deposits of jade can be found in Eastern Asia, South America, and Central America. 

In cultures such as Aztec, China, and Japan, the terms jade and precious stones are synonymous. In fact, a saying in China goes, “Gold has a price, but jade is priceless”. Each piece is unique with its wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Not only that, but jade also contains impurities and grains making it an exceptional piece. Many cultures believe that jade brings happiness, wisdom, courage, and longevity. 

Although jade is commonly regarded as green, the most desirable form is white jade. In China’s Beijing Olympics in 2008, the gold medals were lined with white jade. In early civilizations, jade has always been treasured for both beauty and utility. The oldest tool known to be made from jade dated between 8000 BCE to 9000 BCE. Easily carved and polished, jade has been used to make statues and jewelry. 

The greatest lore for jade comes from China. Legend has it that jade came to be through the petrified tears of dragons when China was invaded. Another says that jade is the concentrated essence of true love. For this reason, jade is often gifted to newlyweds to assure the conception of an heir. In the east, newborns wear jade amulets to protect them. Businessmen carry jade to ensure their success while farmers bury jade near crops to protect it from bad weather. Jade carvings are placed in homes for good luck.

In ancient China, even Confucius himself was linked to jade. Writing about the “eleven virtues of jade”, his birth was rumored to be announced by the presentation of a jade tablet. This tablet proclaimed that he would be the greatest philosopher. In religious ceremonies, jade ornaments were often included. Black jade represents north, red jade for south, white jade for west, and green jade for east. Used together, these pieces are believed to bring harmony. 

In Taoism, the supreme god is the Jade Emperor who lives in a Jade Palace, on Jade Mountain. There is a Jade Lake where the Jade Tree blooms. In ancient Chinese medicine, jade was ingested to relieve asthma and strengthen the heart. Made into a tonic, it was thought to strengthen muscles and calm the mind. In funerals, Chinese jade was thought to protect from death and decay. For this reason, royal funerals consisted of jade coffins made from thousands of jade tiles. White Jade is linked to the following:

  • Chakras – Heart chakra
  • Zodiac sign – Aries, Libra, Gemini, Taurus
  • Element – Earth

White Jade Healing Properties

White jade has many healing properties. This can be seen through its popularity throughout the different cultures and years. Some of these healing properties include:

Emotional & Mental

A practical stone that brings joy and peace, white jade encourages you to see the bigger picture. It assists you to manage emotional trauma and bringing your life back into harmony. Once ready, this stone helps to attract lovers and friends. With healthy people surrounding you, you will be able to grow into the best version of yourself. 

An excellent stone for self-love and sufficiency, it aids you to become independent and confident. White jade reminds you to create boundaries. This enables others to respect you and treat you better. By helping you to be true to yourself, it allows you to focus your energy and attention to bring more goodness into your life. 


Holistic healers believe that white jade can aid in the healing of the kidneys and adrenal glands. It soothes the nervous system. It strengthens the overall function of the immune system. White jade may also help balance the fluids and pH of the body. 

White Jade Benefits

A stone of calmness and love, the white jade gemstone has a peaceful energy. It brings joy and encourages us to see the bigger picture. Promoting compassion, it helps us to be more forgiving toward others and ourselves. This stone teaches us that forgiveness is a way for us to cut ties with bad energy. In this way, we are able to get rid of negative emotions such as resentment. 

White jade helps you to find harmony and balance. It helps to dispel negative energy. It supports you to develop a sensible relationship with money. Connected to the heart and crown chakra, this stone helps you to see things objectively. It teaches you to be hopeful without being naïve. Filtering out distractions, white jade can help you see things clearly. 

With a bigger picture in mind, you can solve problems wisely. It reminds us to stay focused on our goals. It shows us that we should not be chasing after perfection and that sometimes, being good enough is sufficient. As it dismantles negative thinking, it helps us to break bad habits. This stone is best for perfectionists who are often too hard on themselves and others. It helps us to be realistic and focus on what is good.

A lucky stone in business, love, and health, white jade supports you in making the right decisions. It aids in decision-making by clearing your mind. This natural stone brings abundance, prosperity, and wealth. Use it to restore your confidence and in achieving your life goals. 

Including White Jade In Your Life

There are many ways to include high-quality white jade in your life. By including it in your life, you can stay connected to its healing properties. Some of the best ways to include natural white jade are:

White Jade Yoni Eggs

White jade yoni egg

Yoni eggs play the same role as Kegel weights. It is inserted into the vagina to enhance Kegel exercises. These exercises have been proven to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. A stronger pelvic floor can help improve issues such as incontinence and prolapse. Your crystal yoni egg is also suitable for meditation. When not in use, place your yoni egg near you. Keeping it in the same space with you helps to ensure you benefit from the energy it emits. 

White Jade Bracelets & Necklaces

White jade bracelet

A beautiful stone, white jade is often included into many designs by artisans. Wearing a white jade bracelet or necklace ensures that you are in contact with the stone all day. This is the best way to benefit from the crystal’s energy. As white jade is linked to the heart and crown chakra, wearing a jade necklace would be the best. Having the stone closest to the chakra it is linked to makes it more powerful. Other jade jewelry such as bangle bracelets, earrings, jade beads, and rings are also available.

Besides jewelry, loose stones are also a great way to stay connected. You can carry a white jade stone in your pocket or purse. When you need extra support, reach for it. These stones can also be used for meditation. You can use both tumbled and raw stones. However, raw stones stay unaltered and pass through fewer hands. For this reason, experts believe that raw stones are more powerful than polished stones. 

White Jade Yoni Wands

White jade yoni wand

Yoni wands are best for those who want to embark on a journey of self-discovery. White jade yoni wands can be used for pleasure, massage, and meditation. Many women have reported that yoni wands help them to connect with a higher realm. It is the perfect natural alternative to modern plastic toys. 

They have the added advantage of crystal healing properties. When not in use, place it in a space near you. This enables you to stay connected with the energy of white jade. It helps you make the most out of your crystal. 

Recommended Gemstones to Pair With

Crystals are great chakra healing tools. They help with meditation and balancing the chakra. Each crystal has unique healing properties. Although you may think that using more crystals gives you more benefits, it can become overwhelming. Instead of using too many crystals, choose two to three crystals. When choosing a pairing, think about the healing properties you are looking for. You can also meditate to find a pairing that suits you. Some tips to find a good crystal pairing are:

  • Choose crystals that are from the same family. They pair well due to their similar nature. 
  • Choose gemstones of similar colors. These work on the same chakra. 
  • Choose healing crystals with similar properties. It ensures that the pairing works in synergy. 

If you try a pairing and feel that it has not benefited you, try a different combination. There are no right or wrong choices. Experiment and choose a combination that works best for you. Some examples of gemstones that pair well with white jade are:

Tigers Eye and White Jade

Tigers eye crystals

Pairing white jade with tiger’s eye brings good luck to your life. It brings acceptance. If you are looking to forge connections with others, choose this stone to pair with your white jade crystal. This combination inspires kindness and eliminates negative feelings. By removing your past emotional trauma, it will help you heal and move forwards. With white jade’s connection to the crown chakra, you are open to guidance from the higher realms. Connect to higher energy and improve your intuition. 

Carnelian and White Jade

Crystal carnelian

Carnelian and jade can be a great combination to attract good fortune, abundance, and prosperity. This combination is great if you are looking for success in money. It helps you to have a positive attitude towards money. With this combination, you will be more motivated to work and earn more. Most importantly, it guides you to use money in purposeful and creative ways. Since carnelian is known for its ability to awaken passion, this pairing gets you excited in achieving life goals. This pairing helps you to accomplish your life goals. 

Jasper and White Jade

The combination of red jasper and white jade is best for healing. It brings deep issues to light so you can confront it and find solutions. Problems that are hiding in your will surface. It helps you understand that by not addressing the issue, nothing is solved. For those in a relationship, this pair helps you achieve happiness, love, and support. It offers tranquility when life becomes too hectic. By bringing serenity, they ground you and keep your emotions stable. It is also one of the best combinations to prolong pleasure and desire. 

Final Thoughts on White Jade

A stone of love and serenity, white jade can be a great companion. It strengthens your personality and courage. As it calms your anxiety and frustrations, it enables you to achieve your life’s goals. With gentle vibrations that penetrate deeply, it helps to dispel negative energies and thoughts. Use it to attract prosperity, abundance, and wealth. 

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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