What is a Yoni Egg?

Updated on:
March 22, 2022
Aimee Hughes
A yoni egg is a semi-precious stone that has been sculpted into an egg shape. It is then polished until it becomes smooth and feels luxurious. Also known as yoni eggs or love eggs, these gemstone eggs are inserted into the vagina and used for Kegel exercises.

These pelvic floor exercises can help improve the strength of pelvic floor muscles which in turn, improves incontinence. Besides strengthening the pelvic floor, some women also use it to help meditation and to tap into their sexual and feminine energy.

Confusion of Jade Egg and Yoni Egg

The terms “yoni egg” and “jade egg” are often used interchangeably. This is because earlier yoni eggs made from gemstones are usually made from nephrite jade. With time, other gemstones were also used to make yoni eggs.

The Meaning of Yoni

The term “yoni” comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “sacred space” or “womb”. Yoni is a beautiful term that defines both the external and internal parts as one. It describes the entire female reproductive system.

Physically, it describes the external part of the body including the:
Mons pubis (pubic mound)
Labia (lips)
It also includes the internal organs such as the:
Pelvic floor
Fallopian tube

Spiritually, the yoni is an extraordinary space thought to contribute to inner wisdom. This center of female energy is the source of creativity and nature’s gateway of all births. It is a representation of the Hindu goddess Shakti.

This is why Hinduism rituals often include shallow containers with spouts known as yoni vessels. Contrary to popular belief, the yoni is more than a symbolism of femininity. It is a symbol of all life, and it refers to a sacred abode within us as every person has feminine energy in them.

Tantric practices in the modern age use this concept as a framework for how people should think of their bodies. Today, the yoni is thought to be the source of all passion and creative energy.

It is more than just a word describing a vagina, instead, it reflects an idea or concept that can change how one views themselves.


Yoni Egg Origins

The origin of the yoni egg is debatable. A brief search on yoni egg history will show different accounts on how it was once used by concubines in ancient China.

Some even say it has been used in ancient times by women in Africa, Philippines, the Caribbean, and how a wooden yoni egg was found in Nefatari’s tomb during excavation.

To have lasted this long through all the years and different cultures, the yoni egg must have contributed in some way.

Today, despite the many yoni egg alternatives such as Kegel balls or weights, many women still prefer using the yoni egg as it is a natural option that harnesses crystal energy to help support spiritual transformation, improve mental wellness, and eliminate negative energy.

Why Yoni Eggs?

Many beginners often ask why yoni eggs? In the case of yoni eggs vs ben wa balls or sex toys, it all comes down to personal preference. Like its modern-day counterparts, there are different yoni egg sizes for varying levels of practice.

However, yoni eggs are made from natural gemstones such as:

Rose quartz
Nephrite jade
Black obsidian

Meanwhile alternatives such as Kegel weights or ben wa balls are made from materials such as metal or silicone. For some, this is one of the most important factors as no chemicals or dyes were used in the process of making yoni eggs.

There are also many people who believe in the power of gemstones. This principle is called lithotherapy. Lithotherapy refers to the use of energy and stone color to heal and harmonize the body.

This practice goes back all the way to Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and more. These gemstones are used in Kundalini Yoga. It is also used in the 7 chakra concept where it helps to balance or dispel blockages from:

info-img It is no secret that every atom is in constant motion. This principle is why metaphysicians think that every object has an aura, its very own vibrating sphere of energy. This applies to crystals too.

Crystals are unique as the atoms follow the most symmetrical pattern, known as a “crystal lattice”. This symmetry is what makes these crystals powerful transmitters of energy. By interacting with these crystals, our own aura becomes more harmonized.

This belief in the energy emitted by gemstones is the main reason why many women prefer the yoni egg practice. For them, it is a form of meditation. Using these gemstones have helped them to have enlightening and transcendent experiences.


Yoni eggs have helped many women to break barriers and to discover their inner self. These transformative crystal yoni eggs can be your loyal companion on a journey of self-love and discovery.

Open yourself and bid them into your sacred space to allow their gentle vibrations that helps to cleanse and charge you. As we reach the end of this chapter, we invite you to follow us to explore the benefits of using jade eggs.

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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