Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties, Benefits & Meaning

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January 30, 2022
Aimee Hughes

Tigers Eye healing properties and meaning have been long exploited by our forefathers. Its benefits and meaning have made it one of the most loved and valued amongst the rest. It is known to bring courage, purpose, and prosperity.  

Tigers eye crystals

Tiger’s Eye Meaning

The Tiger’s Eye stone is believed to imbue the wearer with the strength and courage of its namesake. It also protects its wearers from ill wishes, grants safety, valor, determination, and power.

Also known as Cat’s Eye, its name is derived from the intriguing golden-brown luster that pays homage to the tiger. It can be found mainly in South Africa, India, Brazil, Namibia, and Western Australia, all of which have hot, wild, and rugged lands. 

Notably, the Tiger’s Eye has always been revered in Egyptian lore. The ancient Egyptians use it as a tribute to the Pharaoh and their deities. The traditional birthstone for the zodiac Gemini is the Tiger’s Eye. 

Thanks to the feeling of empowerment it gives, the big cat energy is perfect if you want to switch your energy from a submissive one to being the one in control.

In the days of old, the Roman empire was built on the backs of Roman soldiers wearing the Cat’s Eye gem. They use it as a status symbol as well as for protection. They believe that it imbues them with the strength and fearlessness of the tiger. Tiger’s eye is linked to the following:

  • Chakras – Sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra
  • Zodiac sign – Capricorn
  • Element – Fire and Earth
  • Planet – Sun
  • Colors – Golden brown, red

Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

The Tiger’s Eye gemstone is also one of the best-known healing crystals. It helps in balancing the yin and yang both physically and mentally. 

Physical Healing

The Tiger’s Eye assists in releasing toxins in the body. It also relieves pain and is especially helpful with the mending of broken bones. It strengthens the spinal column and aids in the treatment of the eyes, esophagus, and sexual organs.

Mental and Emotional Healing

Mentally, this directly translates to a consistent mood swing. This results in a clearer vision and purpose, an unshakable willpower, and courage.

It should also be noted that the Tiger’s Eye also helps to accelerate healing especially those associated with abusive or broken relationships. The Tiger’s Eye soothes and calms the mind’s eye to create an ideal environment to mentally heal. All of this will help you feel a sense of well-being. 

Tiger’s Eye Benefits

There are many reasons why this stone is held in high regard amongst the Egyptians and Romans of old to the people of the modern age. The Tiger’s Eye stone embodies the very spirit of the tiger. It helps to enhance courage, willfulness, and strength. Therefore, it is easily one of the most prized gemstones.

Soldiers lean on the spirit of the tiger embodied in the gem. Businessmen rely on its help to attract abundance and wealth. In these modern and hectic times, where everyone is racing in the rat race, it is also used to ground oneself. It imparts the courage to take risks and win big. It lends you the strength to go the extra mile to grasp almost impossible goals.

Build and Increase Self-Courage

One of the most loved qualities of the Tiger’s Eye gemstone is its courage-boosting property. In today’s hectic pace and lifestyle, it is not uncommon to experience self-doubt or uncertainty. This is especially true when one is faced with new environments, new faces, or even an upcoming project execution or presentation.

The Tiger’s Eye lends its valor to people who wear it or place it near them. You will find clarity when in doubt. It encourages and motivates you to move on without questioning yourself and the usual doubt.  The stone also stabilizes your emotions, helping you to overcome your initial fear. All it takes is the first step in the right direction. The Tiger’s Eye is the stone to give you that extra advantage over the crowd.

Attract Prosperity, Fortune, and Wealth

Just like its namesake animal, the stone lends courage and purpose to its wearers. This makes it ideal to attract prosperity. The courage element helps you to overcome your fear of taking risks. The stone also gives you a sense of determination and purpose which is a basic need to pursue your goals.

Money-related goals can seem unreachable and unachievable without a massive struggle. The Tiger’s Eye is a crucial stone to achieve your purpose. It will support you and your will to move forward to chase your dreams for a better tomorrow. 


The Tiger’s Eye crystal is a perfect balance of sun and earth elements. This helps to channel healing and grounding vibes through its energy. Tiger’s Eye also helps to ease negative emotions and clear the mind for better perceptivity.

The gem obtains these properties from its connection to the third chakra. The Manipura chakra, connected to your solar plexus chakra, is your body’s powerhouse. By using this stone, you can unblock your clogged mind and encourage mental positivity.

Many take this freedom to change their views of their surroundings and find success in getting out of a mental block. This translates to a more confident, empowered, and powerful you, ready to take on the world.

Including Tiger’s Eye In Your Life

There are many ways you can effectively and creatively include this very useful stone in your everyday life. The Tiger’s Eye gem is very versatile. You will find that it will benefit all aspects of your life. From work and money matters to a more fulfilling sexual life.

Tiger’s Eye Yoni Eggs

tiger's eye yoni egg

Yoni eggs are for all women seeking to improve their sexual life and sexual health. Women of all ages have been practicing kegel exercises. This is to strengthen and tighten their pelvic muscles. This is great for achieving a more intense orgasm and also to help those with incontinence.

Yoni eggs are a double-edged sword solution for all your needs. It helps you do reflex kegel exercise while your muscles are gripping the egg. One advantage is using the different types of yoni eggs for different crystal healing needs. You are going to reap more benefits from your usual kegel exercise.

Including a Tiger’s Eye yoni egg into your daily routine is easy. It will help you improve physically and spiritually. Besides helping you train your muscles and help to increase lubrication. It also builds the strength of your bladder.

Spiritually and mentally, it will help you clear the roadblocks that we so often put in place for ourselves. The Tiger’s Eye crystal will boost confidence and promote a deep sense of self-awareness. All these help drive your purpose and energy to be that tiger in bed that you fantasize about.

Bracelets & Necklaces

tiger's eye pendant

The warm hues of amber, honey, and earth in the Tiger’s Eye is pleasing and beautiful in any setting. The appearance of the stone is organic and goes with any color. You can pair an outfit with either a Tiger’s Eye bracelet or necklace.

Perfect in many settings, as you are setting off to a busy day at the office. Or you have a day out with the girls. Even on a romantic date or jetting off to a fabulous holiday. Set the Tiger’s Eye in an accessory where it sits on your skin. Good examples are bracelets, amulets, or necklaces. This will emphasize your qualities as a powerful, confident, and attractive woman.

The Tiger’s Eye gemstone is also powerful in attracting wealth and good luck. It will be wise to have it with you at important meetings. When you need to make important decisions or go on a hot date, the Tiger’s Eye will come in handy.

Yoni Wands

tiger's eye yoni wand

Every woman’s secret desire is to be a goddess. In fact, the Tiger’s Eye gemstone has been linked with many goddesses of old. Notably, Freya the Norse Goddess of Love and Fertility. This helps you portray confidence and exuberance for life, as well as in bed, where the magic happens. Yoni wands are designed to awaken the sexual energies in you. 

The word ‘yoni’ comes from Sanskrit loosely translated as ‘womb’. Yoni is also linked with regenerative growth and the body’s sacred temple. The yoni is a very private and intimate area of the body. The choice of which gemstone for your yoni wand  is an important consideration. A Tiger’s Eye yoni wand would undoubtedly awaken your inner tigress. You can be assured of many satisfactory and wonderful nights.

On the spiritual side, a yoni wand made from Tiger’s Eye gemstone can bring you direction and consciousness. This is because of its direct ties to the lowest three chakras, the Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Root Chakras. Spending time with your yoni wand can help you unravel negative energy. It also increases the flow of positive energy along your spine. This will help you feel more balanced and clearer-minded.

Recommended Gemstones to Pair with Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye is an easy-to-pair gemstone. It tends to reflect and enhance the energies of other gemstones. A few good combos would be with Jasper, Sunstone, and Citrine.

Red Jasper + Tiger’s Eye Combination 

Crystals with golden brown color are generally known to be grounding. This helps you hold on to your sense of self and promote self-awareness. The Tiger’s Eye gemstone helps you find mental clarity and balance. Red Jasper is known for its healing, wisdom, and also courage properties.

Both gemstones together can help you resolve internal dilemmas. You can make wise judgments by way of clear thought brought by the Tiger’s Eye ability to dissolve mental blocks. The two gemstones together bring about balance, inner strength, and purpose to your everyday life.

Sunstone + Tiger’s Eye Combination

Sunstone crystal

The Sunstone, also known as the happy stone, brings positivity, light, and warmth. Related to the solar plexus chakra, it supports the Tiger’s Eye stone, boosting your confidence and willpower. Combined with the courage the Tiger’s Eye provides, the Sunstone gives you optimism. This helps you to step out of your comfort zone to tackle whatever issues that you may be facing.

The pairing of these two stones grants you better self-esteem and confidence. The Sunstone’s main characteristic – the nurturing of self is reflected and enhanced by the Tiger’s Eye stone. Both stones are high-energy stones. They help you to heal and unblock your Manipura chakra. This allows you to feel more rooted and in control of your life and destiny.

Citrine + Tiger’s Eye Combination

citrine crystal raw

Citrine, also known as the money stone, is popular in Feng Shui. It attracts good luck, prosperity, and abundance. It reinforces willpower and motivation. Coupled with the Tiger’s Eye stone which promotes confidence and strength, it is a no-brainer. This wonderful combo is a powerful tool to be successful at work or anything you wish to accomplish.

Citrine also promotes positivity and cheerfulness. It is also beneficial to your solar plexus chakra, just like the Sunstone. Unlike other stones which absorb negative energies, Citrine changes negative energy to positivity. This helps balance and stabilizes your moods. Coupled with Tiger’s Eye stone, this is a formidable duo. It helps shape a poised, confident, and positive you. You can be sure you are ready to take on your next challenge and rake in the money.

Final Thoughts on Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye stone affects the three lowest chakra points, the Manipura (Solar Plexus chakra), Svadisthana (Sacral chakra,) and Muladhara (Root chakra). These are the chakras that promote a sense of self-awareness and grounds you. In this modern-day, it is easy to lose your sense of self, to disappear into the crowd. The Tiger’s Eye stone helps you find self-confidence and focus on your goals.

Confidence, strength, and willfulness are achieved by balancing your yin and yang energies. It stabilizes your mood, increases purpose and courage. This clears your mind to make those difficult decisions life throws at you. Tiger’s Eye stone is easy to incorporate into your life. You can wear the stone, carry it with you or place it near you. Combining the gemstone with other gemstones also tends to enhance their energies and strength. Give Tiger’s Eye a chance to improve your life today!

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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