Red Aventurine Healing Properties, Benefits & Meaning

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November 29, 2021
Aimee Hughes

Are you looking for a gemstone that will help you deal with life’s challenges? Red Aventurine embodies you with determination and perseverance to handle whatever comes your way. In addition, its healing properties help to harmonize and balance your physical body.

Red Aventurine Meaning and Chakra

Red Aventurine is associated with the root chakra and brings balance to your foundation. It is said to be able to draw upon the elements of both Fire and Earth. This makes it an excellent grounding stone and healing crystal.

Origins and Meaning

Aventurine is a natural gemstone that is part of the quartz family of gemstones. Natural aventurine is more commonly found in green. It is also found in a myriad of other natural colors: red, peach, brown, and blue.

Red aventurine stone gets its red coloring from the minerals that form part of its composition. These are Hematite, Goethite, and Mica (stained by iron oxides). The inclusions of these metallic minerals also give it a shimmery glitter called aventurescence.

Red aventurine can be found in a variety of shades, ranging from strawberry red to brown. The color varies depending on the level and type of inclusions. For example, the red-orange aventurine gets its orange hue from Pyrite inclusions in addition to hematite and goethite.

Aventurine gemstones like many other quartz crystals are a part of our ancient history. They were used by ancient civilizations for various purposes. Artifacts, tools, and beads made from Aventurine have been found in archaeological digs. Due to its hardness, aventurine was a common material used in tool-making.

The name aventurine is derived from the Italian “ventura” which means “by chance”. Therefore, aventurine is also referred to as the stone of opportunity. Red aventurine is associated with the Zodiac Sign, Aries.

Significant deposits of red aventurine can be found in Brazil, South Africa, Tibet, India, China, Russia, and Canada

Chakra and Color

root chakra symbol

Seven healing chakras run along your spine. Each crystal has a strong connection with at least one of these chakras.

The different colors of aventurine offer different metaphysical properties. Each color is connected to a specific chakra. For example, green aventurine compliments the heart chakra. Blue aventurine is good for the throat chakra. Red aventurine has a strong connection with the root chakra.

The root chakra, also known as the base chakra is located at the base of your spine. An out of alignment root chakra can manifest as low energy. This can include general lethargy and low enthusiasm levels. Red aventurine is used to balance the root chakra to rekindle energy and vitality. Red stones also draw on the root chakra to build strong and stable relationships.

Colour plays a big role in healing stones. Red aventurine is classified as one of the red gemstones. Red is a strong color, associated with fire, passion, and energy. Red aventurine draws upon the elements of both Fire and Earth. Thus, fuelling our energies to get things done but keeping us centered at the same time.

Red aventurine draws on vital life force energy for motivation, creativity, and action. Use this stone as a catalyst to act on new ideas. It helps you give birth to new projects and see them through by focusing energy into action. Use it for strengthening willpower and turning your goals into reality.

Red Aventurine Healing Powers

Red aventurine crystal is a natural healing crystal. It has been used for thousands of years for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. It is also able to enhance mental health and boost vitality.

Disclaimer: Healers all over the world use healing crystals. However, they are used for alternative healing as part of a holistic healing method. Please consult your medical/health professional before seeking alternative healing.

Physical Healing

Red Aventurine is known for its ability to strengthen the blood and stimulate red blood cell production. It is believed to be able to enhance blood flow and circulation and help lower blood pressure.

Crystal healers believe that this powerful healing crystal can help with other ailments by:

  • Revitalizing the body, stimulating the metabolism, and helping to release stored toxins
  • Balancing the immune system and auto-immune disorders
  • Assisting with healing the reproductive system and keeping the feminine cycle balanced
  • Helping to reduce cholesterol and supporting the nervous system and the liver
  • Treating skin conditions, such as eczema and liver spots

Mental healing

If you need to restore and improve your mental energy, red aventurine is the perfect stone for you to:

  • Boost mental alertness, bringing clarity and focus
  • Inspire creativity and open up the imagination
  • Help balance out the left and right sides of your brain
  • Promote positive thinking and enhancing your ability to see possibilities

Emotional healing

On an emotional healing level, it is believed that this root chakra stone is able to:

  • Keep you level-headed and calm
  • Bolster your determination and perseverance
  • Inspire you to embrace your sensuality
  • Provide you with confidence to handle new situations

Spiritual Healing

From ancient times, red aventurine has been known as a stone for manifestation. It is said to be able to balance the universal life force (chi, qi, prana) within you. Red aventurine helps you to turn dreams into reality. It offers the discernment needed to choose your highest path. And imbues you with the energy and the courage to follow it.

As a grounding stone, red aventurine helps you to be in the present moment. It encourages you to embrace change with a positive outlook. Using this crystal helps you to see the brighter side of things..

Red aventurine harnesses the positive energy of fire. Its vibrating energies help to release stagnant energy blockages from our auras. Using a firestone allows a cleansing and healing energy to flow through your body.

Red Aventurine Benefits

Together with its healing properties, red aventurine has numerous other benefits. These benefits can be included in your daily life in different ways which we will discuss below.


This is a good stone to keep with you when you are feeling lethargic and lack energy. Red aventurine brings you the stamina you need to get through a long day. The stone helps foster in you the “I can do anything” attitude needed to face tough challenges. Wearing red aventurine helps keep up your morale during tough times.

It is said by some that red aventurine is effective in absorbing electromagnetic smog. It protects you against EMFs from cell phones etc. 

Red aventurine is a protective stone. Many believe that keeping it with you during travel can protect you in times of accidents.


It is frequently used in mediation for its ability to improve mental alertness and inspire creativity. It also helps to connect to the Divine energy of the Earth. A useful stone to use in meditation before starting a new project, new challenge, or business venture.

As an earth stone, it works with the root chakra to ground you. At the same time, its fire-related energies bolster your self-esteem and confidence levels. As you meditate with red aventurine, it will help you relax and let go of any guilt. It allows you to become at peace with your spiritual self.

Feng Shui

Crystals are a popular way to incorporate feng shui into your home because they are energy activators. Feng Shui dates back to ancient China. It is the concept of arranging objects in your home to achieve harmony and balance with the natural world. The idea is to harness energy forces to do this.

Place red aventurine in your home to activate the energies of the fire element and bring it into your space. Fire energy brings warmth, brightness, and vitality into whichever room you place it in. As an earth stone, red aventurine offers grounding and protection.

Red Aventurine is also known as the stone of prosperity. It brings prosperity and joy into your home.

Including Red Aventurine in Your Life

Red Aventurine is found in various forms and can be used for different purposes. Below is a brief description of some other products that are made using this gemstone.

Yoni Eggs

red aventurine yoni egg

Yoni eggs have been used since ancient times to enhance sexual pleasure. They have also been found to assist in strengthening pelvic and vaginal muscles. They are used to aid in recovery after childbirth and to relieve menstrual pain.

Each type of yoni eggs also carries with it the metaphysical properties of the crystal it is formed from. The red aventurine yoni egg, for instance, is believed to have these additional benefits:

  • boosts sexuality and libido
  • bolsters your self-confidence
  • allows you to embrace your sensuality
  • drives passion and desire
  • revitalizes your energies

To fully access these benefits, place your egg in your bedroom or use it in your yoni egg practice. Placing your red aventurine yoni egg at the base of your spine helps you to cleanse your body both spiritually and physically.

Pair red aventurine with other love and passion crystals for even better results. Good combinations are red jasper, red garnet, or carnelian. If you have a lack of interest in sex or lack vitality, pair red aventurine with fire agate for a boost.


red aventurine bracelet

In ancient times aventurine was used to decorate various items, from figurines to jewelry. It is popular in jewelry making because it is easy to carve and polish. Red aventurine gemstones are often cut into cabochons to be used in rings and necklaces. Beads are most often used for bracelets and necklaces.

Wearing red aventurine jewelry will help you tap into its positive energies. Ancient Tibetans believed that wearing aventurine enhanced one’s creativity. Red aventurine can be combined with other complementary crystals in jewelry. This will allow you to get double the benefits!

Yoni Wands

Yoni wands are used to experience enhanced sexual pleasure. They bring with them the healing and energy properties of the crystals they are made from. Yoni wands help to release unwanted sexual energy. They can be used for healing, meditation, and self-pleasure.

The red aventurine yoni wand helps to put you at ease so that you can experience pleasure without feeling guilty. It makes you more courageous and helps release fears, allowing you to fully embrace your sexuality.

This massage wand will revitalize you while relaxing you at the same time. Its connection to the root chakra will help to ground you and release any stagnant energies from your aura.

Recommended Gemstones to Pair with Red Aventurine

The energies of red aventurine pair well with agates such as red jasper and carnelian. It also pairs very well with other quartzes, such as amethyst and rose quartz.

Red Aventurine and Red Jasper

red jasper crystal

These two powerful stones draw upon the elements of Fire and Earth. This will revitalize and reenergize your physical body. Red aventurine helps you to focus your energies on getting things done. Red Jasper is known for providing you with the courage and determination to do things. Together they work well to align your body, mind, and spirit enabling you to tackle challenges.

Red aventurine and Rose Quartz

raw rose quartz

Rose quartz and red aventurine are both crystals of the quartz family. As such, they work well together to bring love and harmony into your world. Red aventurine ignites passion and gives you the courage to explore your sensuality. Rose quartz’s gentle energy adds to that passion. Rose quartz will help you strengthen your relationships by inspiring love to go with that passion.

Red Aventurine and Labradorite

raw labradorite crystal

This pairing will boost your creativity and stimulate ideas. Labradorite is a stone of transformation. It helps you to remove fears and insecurities so you can pursue your dreams. Red aventurine imbues you with the confidence and determination required to go after those dreams. Together these two stones work to help you focus and develop new ideas.

Red Aventurine: Final Thoughts

This blood-strengthening “can do “stone helps you to deal with life’s challenges with determination and perseverance. Red aventurine helps rid your mind of limiting beliefs, imbuing you with optimism and the confidence needed to achieve your goals and desires.

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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