Opalite Healing Properties, Benefits & Meaning

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December 23, 2021
Aimee Hughes

Even though it is a manmade crystal, opalite is believed to have many healing properties and benefits. This beautiful opalescent stone has a subtle but dynamic energy that is ideal for meditation. Opalite emanates joy and positive vibes. It can help balance your energy to stabilize your mood.

Opalite Meaning and Chakra

Since opalite was created in the 1900s, it does not have an ancient history like other gemstones. Opalite is associated with both the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. 

Origins and Meaning

Natural opalite has been around since 4000 B.C. Manmade opalite which we will be discussing in this article originates in the 1980s.

Opalite is a milky white or clear and iridescent glass gemstone made by humans. It was created as a replacement for opals. Opalites can contain color additives that range from pinks to blues.

It is known by other names such as Tiffany stone (after the famous jeweler’s blue wrapping), Ice cream opal, or purple opal. Also known as the “stone of eternity”, opalite is produced in Asia.

Opalite is not to be confused with opals or natural opalite. Opals are 100% natural precious gemstones and they are quite expensive. Natural opal comes from opalized volcanic ash and can be found in Brazil and Africa. It contains silicon dioxide and dolomite.

Not everyone can afford opals. Hence we have opalite which is just as beautiful but more affordable. Opalite of course gets its name from being an opal-like stone.

Natural opalite, which is a natural stone, has the same chemical composition as opal. It is not manmade and consists of Green Opalite and Cat’s Eye opalite. These are very rare gems that can be found in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Canada, Iceland, and the US.

Opalite does not share the same properties or chemical composition as opals and natural opalites. It is created out of glass resin which is made from dolomite and metal. It has tiny bubbles within the glass, but the stone itself is clear with an iridescent coating. Opalite has a shimmery glow for which it is well-known.

Another stone that is often confused with opalite is the moonstone. Moonstone is a natural gemstone that comes from the same family as Labradorite.  It is easy to confuse the two because they sometimes look quite similar. Moonstone though has different energies and properties.


Crown chakra symbol

Opalite is associated with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. The crown chakra, located at the crown of your head, is the most spiritual of all the chakras. It boosts psychic abilities and acts as a bridge between the self and the divine. When opalite is placed on the crown chakra it can enhance psychic abilities and visions.

It is said that when opalite is used with the Blue Peruvian Opal your third eye chakra is opened. The third eye chakra is located between and above the brow. In Sanskrit, it is known as “ajna”, the seat of intuition. Opalite’s association with the third eye chakra is believed to empower one’s ability to communicate with the spiritual realm.

This association with both chakras enhances the metaphysical properties of the opalite stone.

Opalite Healing Powers

Although this eye-catching stone is manmade, it can still help with several physical and mental ailments. It is an excellent stone for overall healing and promoting a sense of wellbeing.

Emotional healing

Opalite is known to be able to help you improve communication at all levels; mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A good stone to use for self-exploration and reflection.

It is also referred to as a stone of personal power due to its ability to improve one’s self-esteem and confidence. It can empower you to discover deep, hidden feelings and gives you the strength to express these feelings. It helps you in the understanding of your true self.

Crystal users often use opalite to assist them in making smooth transitions and embracing change. These transitions can be major life-changing transitions such as changing careers or entering a new relationship. Opalite helps you to face your challenges. Opalite’s healing properties can help you achieve a more balanced state of mind. When going through big changes in your life, it helps to have a balanced state of mind. 

As a stone that calms and soothes the heart, it can help you heal heartaches and ease anxieties. It emits serene and soothing vibrational energies, which help to alleviate depression. Opalite is known for its ability to uplift a person’s mood and to help one see the brighter side of life.

Opalite is also known as a merchant stone because it helps bring success and prosperity to those in business. Being able to communicate more openly and express yourself verbally can help you in business ventures. You can negotiate better deals and express yourself more clearly and confidently.

Physical Healing

As with other healing stones, opalite has several physical healing properties. Its gentle energies are effective in:

  • stabilizing mood swings and overcoming fatigue
  • purifying the blood and kidneys through oxygenation
  • boosting your libido and enhancing your sexual encounters
  • helping to dissolve cysts and fibroids
  • helping to normalize (regulate) your heartbeat

Spiritual Healing

Opalite is known to stimulate both the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. It enhances psychic abilities and induces visions when placed above the crown chakra.

Spiritually, when used to enhance the third eye chakra it is said to be able to improve communication with the spirit world and aid in inducing visions.

Opalite removes any blockages in the chakras and energy meridians within your body and cleanses and balances them. Because it removes blocked energies and helps align the chakras, it’s a powerful stone for spiritual wellness.

Opalite helps to balance yin-yang energies (light and dark, male and female). Opalite aligns these energies with your inner self. This makes it an ideal meditation stone.

Did you know? Meridians are the paths through which life-force energy (qi) flows through your body. 

Opalite Benefits

Opalite has several benefits. The calming and relaxing properties of opalite make it an ideal crystal to use in your meditation practice. Wearing it, carrying it, or placing it in your home allows you to fully benefit from its powers.


Holding opalite while you are praying or meditating is an effective way to harness its powers.

During meditation place opalite over your crown chakra to harness its powers. According to crystal practitioners, opalite’s energies will

  • help you communicate with the spirit world
  • help you interpret messages or visions received
  • help you understand your true self
  • remove blocked energies and balance your yin-yang

Wearing or Carrying Opalite

Wearing opalite or carrying an opalite tumble stone allows the energy of the crystal to be with you at all times. It will help you overcome tiredness or illnesses whenever you need it.

Did you know? Tumble stones are shaped and polished stones or crystals. Tumbling refers to the process by which raw stones are turned into smooth, glossy gemstones.

Tumble stones are small enough to be carried in your purse or pocket. 

Opalite in your Home

Opalite has a positive influence on any environment it is placed in. It brings an atmosphere of serenity to the room it is in absorbing any negative energies present.

Place opalite in your home or workspace where it will be beneficial in helping you ponder decisions. Opalite is a stone that improves communication. Placing it in a room where loved ones often gather will stimulate communication between everyone.

Opalite is a good stone to place in areas of your home where peace and serenity are needed. Since it is known to be helpful to those who have sleep issues or nightmares it is a useful stone to place in your bedroom.

Including Opalite in Your Life

There are many ways to harness the healing energies of opalite in our daily lives. We can wear opalite pieces of jewelry or hold a stone in our hands during meditation. We can also use it to enhance our sexual experiences as a yoni egg or wand.

Opalite Yoni Eggs

As an energizing stone, opalite has been known to stimulate sexual proficiency and boost libido. Use this yoni egg in your practice to improve your overall sexual experience.

Does your sex life need a little tweaking? If so then using and keeping an opalite yoni egg in your bedroom is a good choice. The opalite yoni egg will energize your sexual prowess leading to heightened sexual pleasure.

Use opalite yoni eggs to:

  • strengthen your pelvic and vaginal muscles
  • boost vaginal orgasms
  • increase vaginal lubrication
  • restore inner energy

The different types of yoni eggs come with their own healing benefits. Combine opalite with rose quartz to help strengthen love and relationships. Pairing your opalite yoni egg with red jasper or fire agate ignites a deeper sense of passion.

For more information on how to use your opalite yoni egg and for safety and cleaning tips, read our Yoni Egg Guide.

Opalite Bracelets & Necklaces

This October birthstone is a very popular stone amongst jewelry lovers. It is as beautiful as its more expensive counterpart Opal but more affordable.

Opalite is most often cut into attractive ring-size cabochons that are popular amongst those who cannot afford the much pricier opal. Opalite crystal points and beads make attractive necklaces and bracelets.

Combining opalite with other stones in bracelets and necklaces optimizes the benefits of both stones. For example, an opalite and citrine bracelet will encourage you to have better spending habits. Combining opalite with rose quartz in a necklace and wearing it over your heart will help you make a smoother transition into new relationships.

Opalite jewelry radiates a serene and joyful glow and its beauty is sure to turn heads. Wearing opalite attracts material abundance and prosperity.

Opalite Yoni Wands

Yoni wands help to release unwanted sexual energy. They can be used to massage erogenous zones to experience enhanced sexual pleasure. They can also be used for healing and meditation.

Opalite symbolizes sexuality, passion, desire, love, and the ability to express yourself more freely. Using the opalite yoni wand as a massage tool will help you achieve heightened sexual pleasure. It will give you the self-confidence to explore your desires and discover more about your sexuality.

Recommended Gemstones to Pair with Opalite

Opalite combines well with other crystals to enhance their benefits. Opalite can be combined with amethyst, moonstone, quartzes, labradorite, tourmaline, citrine, and agates.

Very often when crystals are paired with each other, they amplify each other’s powers. Not all crystals can combine effectively with each other though, so be careful which ones you combine. Here are some good combinations for opalite.

Opalite and Amethyst

Raw amethyst crystal

Amethyst is a powerful healing crystal. It works with opalite to activate the crown chakra, opening up a higher level of spirituality. Together they work to soothe the mind and relieve stress. A good combination to use in your meditation practice to heighten your spiritual growth. Keep these two stones around you to encourage a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Opalite and Labradorite

These two stones make a beautiful, energetic pairing. Labradorite has a similar form of iridescence as Opalite and is known to infuse light and energy into one’s soul. Labradorite also has a connection to the third eye chakra. Used together with opalite, it can assist you with your psychic abilities and enhance deeper connections. Both stones have a positive impact on your wealth and business success.

Opalite and Agate

Agate crystal slice

There are many varieties of agate and some work very well with opalite. Blue lace agate which activates the throat chakra works with opalite to improve communication at all levels. This combination will help you resolve conflicts in your relationships in a constructive way.

Final Thoughts on Opalite

If you need a gemstone that will put you in a good mood while calming any anxieties you might have, opalite is the perfect gemstone for you. It will help balance your state of mind, keeping you more grounded.

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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