Nephrite Jade Healing Properties, Benefits & Meaning

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July 1, 2021
Aimee Hughes

Are you looking for the ultimate healing stone? Nephrite Jade has been valued as a powerful healing stone since ancient times. It is also believed to promote good fortune, abundance, and wealth.

Nephrite jade crystal

Nephrite Jade Meaning and Chakra

Nephrite jade is a gemstone that is associated with the heart chakra. It is said to be able to aid in the healing of your relationships and your love life. As one of the oldest healing crystals, it is celebrated for attracting luck.

Origins and Meaning

Throughout history, Jade has been a highly esteemed and sacred stone in Chinese cultures. Since ancient times it has been valued for its ornamental beauty and its powers of healing.

Did you know that Jade refers to two different minerals?
There are two similar stones, composed of two different materials: Nephrite Jade and Jadeite Jade.

The jade found in China is a form of jade called Nephrite Jade. Nephrite belongs to the amphibole group and contains calcium magnesium iron silicates.

Jadeite Jade, which is more commonly recognized as “jade”, belongs to a group of minerals that contain sodium aluminum iron silicates. Jadeite Jade is often more commonly recognized as “jade”. It can be found in places like Mexico, Tibet, and the USA.

Nephrite is found in China, Russia, Canada, British Columbia, New Zealand, and Taiwan. It is composed of jade and actinolite which gives it that deep green color due to its iron content. Nephrite also contains other minerals such as serpentine.

Nephrite is a soft, fibrous crystal. It is softer than jadeite, but it is also tougher due to its dense structure.

Although Nephrite is more commonly found than Jadeite it has fewer color varieties. It is mostly known for its deep green color. It can also appear as “mutton fat jade”, a creamy white nephrite.

Jadeite appears as the more well-known lighter green that is usually associated with jade. It also occurs as greyish green, blue-grey, purple, red, orange, yellow, and white.

In ancient times Nephrite jade was used as a remedy for kidney ailments. It gets its name from the Greek word nephros, meaning kidney. It was believed to have great healing powers and was considered to bring luck to all who wore it as a talisman.

In Asian cultures, newborn babies are often gifted with jade bracelets. It is thought to bring protection and good fortune.

As a modern healing crystal green nephrite jade is associated with the heart chakra. It is believed to be a heart-healing stone, which encourages peace, love, compassion, and self-acceptance.

Heart Chakra

Heart chakra anahata symbol

Seven healing chakras run along your spine. Each of the different crystals corresponds to one of these chakras. Nephrite jade has a powerful connection to the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is the 4th chakra, located in the center of your chest. It is the bridge that connects your 3 lower chakras (root, naval & sacral) to your upper chakras (throat, third eye & crown).

When your heart chakra is not in alignment you feel unloved, you lack empathy, you become angry or depressed. A balanced heart chakra allows you to enjoy life. To feel love for yourself and others, and to be understanding and compassionate.

Nephrite jade with its cool, deep green color soothes a troubled heart chakra. Green is the color of life, rebirth, and vitality. It brings peace and calms the nervous system.

Wearing nephrite jade as jewelry, keeping it close to you, or meditating with the crystal helps to heal an unbalanced heart chakra.

Nephrite Jade Healing Powers

Nephrite jade has the power to connect deeply with the heart chakra and bring its ancient healing energies to restore a heart chakra that is out of alignment. It has been used for healing a variety of ailments (physical, spiritual, and emotional), for thousands of years. It is known for its cleansing properties, ridding the body of all kinds of toxins.

Physical Healing

When your heart chakra is balanced, you will have a healthy heart and good blood circulation. Jade assists in keeping your immune system at peak levels. It is said to aid in digestion, blood cleansing, and detoxing. It is therefore good for your kidneys, spleen, and various glands. It has also been known to assist in the treatment of eating disorders in teenagers.

The energy of jade is known to assist your body in recovering from bacterial or viral illnesses and injuries and broken bones. It helps relieve pain and can help your body to heal itself.

The green of jade is a symbol of life and rebirth. Many pregnant women have used jade to ensure safe childbirth. It is also used to treat reproductive problems and aid with male fertility issues.

Spiritual Healing

From ancient times jade has been used to cleanse negative energies from the body and protect the wearer from evil spirits. In China, it is believed that if your jade stone becomes cloudy or dull, it is because it has absorbed negative energies meant for you.

Using nephrite jade to meditate will help you to connect your mind, emotions, and physical being to achieve balance and clarity. It is often said that this stone’s ancient wisdom can guide you spiritually, leading you to gain insights into your modern-day problems.

Also referred to as the “dream stone”, sleeping with jade under your pillow can help you to commune with your unconscious self. It assists in making your dreams clearer for interpretation.

Emotional Healing

By integrating your body with your mind, jade helps bring you emotional stability. The cool energy emitted by the jade stone soothes and calms an anxious or angry mind and helps you to cope with grief.

Nephrite jade helps to eliminate negative thoughts and emotions. It also helps you find balance in your relationships and brings healing and wisdom into your love life.

Many people report that jade gives them a feeling of confidence and the courage to pursue their ambitions and desires. It encourages self-love. The properties of the jade crystal allow you to see beyond any self-imposed limitations and work towards reaching your full potential.

Nephrite Jade Benefits

This crystal has several benefits that are used in the modern world. Nephrite jade is beneficial as a lucky stone, a grounding stone, and a beauty stone. Like many other earth stones, it is also a protective stone keeping the wearer safe from harm.

Lucky Stone

Many people believe that jade can help you achieve wealth and abundance. It is widely considered to be the gemstone of luck and good fortune. The color, green, has long since been linked to luck (four-leaf clover) and prosperity.

Jade will help you flourish in all areas of your life, not just financially. As a heart chakra stone, it is also beneficial to romantic relationships.

Many people who consider green jade as a “lucky charm” stone, like to wear it or keep it in their pockets. In China, it is believed that one should wear jade to act as a protective shield against all kinds of misfortune.

Grounding Stone

Shamans and spiritualists have long been using jade to connect people to the divine source to protect them from evil spirits. As one of the grounding stones, jade is an excellent healing stone.

Meditating with the nephrite jade crystal will allow you to experience calmness; making you feel more joyful and energetic. It will help you to cleanse and clear your heart chakra to achieve harmony and stabilize your emotions.

Beauty Stone

Its reputation as a stone that brings regrowth and vitality leads to jade being viewed as a stone of eternal youth. Jade is often used in facial treatments in the form of serums and moisturizers. It is known for its ability to reduce tension in the facial muscles and for its anti-aging effects.

A popular facial tool, the jade roller is used to increase blood circulation in your face to reduce puffiness and to drain the lymphatic system. Everything you need to give you a youthful glow!

Including Nephrite Jade in Your Life

The Nephrite Jade crystal is found in various forms and can be used for different purposes. You have most likely come across some of the beautiful jade carvings and decorative items that are around. Below is a brief description of some other products that are made using this beautiful stone.

Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs

Nephrite jade yoni egg

The nephrite jade yoni egg is an egg-shaped gemstone designed for vaginal use. It is the most popular type of yoni egg. Nephrite jade eggs date back to the ancient Chinese courts. The eggs were reputed to have been used by concubines and the Empress of the Royal Palace to enhance their sexual prowess.

Use it during your spiritual or yoga practice to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. The egg also helps to strengthen vaginal walls which leads to improved orgasms and enhanced sexual pleasure. The nephrite jade egg emits a soft, soothing energy. It protects its wearer and cleanses negative energies.

Tip: Your jade egg can also be placed under your pillow when you sleep to bring out its qualities as a dream stone.

For more information on how to use the Nephrite Jade yoni egg in your practice and for safety and cleaning tips, read our Yoni Egg Guide.

Nephrite Jade Bracelets & Necklaces

Nephrite jade bracelet

Owing to its reputation as a good luck gemstone that can attract good fortune, jade is a popular gift in many cultures. Nephrite jewelry is very beautiful. Some ancient cultures such as the Aztecs, the Mayans, and Native Americans treasured jade even more than gold. Dark green nephrite jade is popular in New Zealand’s Maori pendant necklace designs.

Wearing jade jewelry such as a bracelet or necklace every day can keep you balanced and centered as you go about your daily activities. It allows you to connect with the energy of the stone when you need it.

Many believe that wearing a jade necklace over your heart will help you to prosper in your relationships.

Chinese women believe that the jade bracelet protects its wearer from harm. They often gift their daughters a jade bracelet as a symbol of love and protection.

Nephrite Jade Yoni Wands

Nephrite jade yoni wand

In simple words, a yoni wand is a sex toy. However, unlike traditional sex toys, yoni wands offer added benefits and healing property of the crystal they’re made from. It acts as a connection between the realms of physicality and spirituality.

Yoni wands allow you to release pent-up sexual energy and can be used to massage erogenous zones to experience heightened sexual pleasure. They can be used for healing, meditation, and self-pleasure. The nephrite jade yoni wand heightens both physical pleasure and spiritual awareness.

Like the yoni egg, the jade wand’s gentle and soft healing energy is perfect for a beginner. It can bring sexual independence and gratification to a woman while gently massaging and relaxing the vaginal muscles. It improves blood circulation thereby increasing the sensitivity of nerve endings leading to greater orgasms.

Recommended Gemstones to Pair with Nephrite Jade

You can use nephrite jade in combination with other complementary crystals to attain a more holistic healing experience. Water stones, other earthstones and greenstones combine well with jade.

Rose Quartz and Jade

Rose quartz crystal

Rose quartz opens the heart chakra. This powerful crystal exudes a calming energy that gently introduces the elements of self-love and compassion to achieve inner healing. This combination can help restore trust and harmony to your relationships. These two crystals work well together to promote love and friendship.

Amethyst and Jade

Amethyst crystal

This pairing brings balance and removes negative energy. Amethyst helps remove blockages and promotes peace and contentment. They work well together to heal personal loss and grief and bring about emotional healing and prosperity. As a powerful stone associated with the crown chakra, amethyst brings spiritual wisdom.

Agate and Jade

Agate crystal

Stones that have the same element or properties work well together. Combining earth crystals like jade and agate helps to stabilize you, giving you confidence and bringing mental balance. As a cleansing aura stone, agate helps to eliminate negativity working with jade to rebalance the body, mind, and spirit.

Nephrite Jade: Final Thoughts

Historically and traditionally nephrite jade has always been a treasured stone associated with healing, good fortune, and prosperity. Incorporating this crystal into your life whether as jewelry or as a yoni egg will bring the benefits of its ancient wisdom and properties into your home.

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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