Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties, Benefits & Meaning

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December 21, 2021
Aimee Hughes

Lapis Lazuli has been prized since ancient times for its intense color and its powerful healing properties. Known as the Wisdom Stone, this mystical blue gemstone helps you develop your intuition.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning and Chakra

Due to its gorgeous coloring, Lapis Lazuli has always been a very popular stone. It was highly valued as a semi-precious rock and attracted the attention of artists. One of the oldest gemstones in history, this third-eye chakra stone stimulates the intellect and enhances intuition.

third eye chakra ajna symbol

Origins and Meaning

The name Lapis Lazuli derives from two languages. Lazuli comes from the Persian word Iazhuward, meaning blue and lapis which is Latin for stone. Its colors range from deep royal blue to azure blue. Inclusions of pyrite give lapis the twinkling bits of gold sometimes seen in the deep blue. The Roman historian Pliny the Elder likened it to a starry sky.

Lapis is a metamorphic rock composed of lazurite (blue silicate) and other minerals from the sodalite group of minerals. Inclusions of calcite and pyrite account for the amounts of either white or brassy gold in Lapis Lazuli.

This December birthstone has been revered and used for centuries by different cultures across the globe. Architects discovered lapis lazuli jewelry items and carvings on sites dating from 6 500 years ago. It is believed that the gemstone was first used in Afghanistan. Its use then spread to Asia, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Rome, and Egypt.

There are many ancient myths and symbols surrounding this semi-precious stone. It is known to have many associations with royalty and deities. Pharaohs of ancient Egypt favored lapis and Maat the goddess of truth figurines were often carved from lapis. Some early historians believe that early references to sapphire in ancient writings refer to lapis lazuli.

Cylinder seals, carved from lapis lazuli, were used to impress official seals and religious inscriptions. The color of the stone attracted artists and cosmeticians. Ancient Egyptians used it in cosmetics (mainly eyeshadow), and for decoration. One of the most famous uses of lapis as an inlay is in King Tutankhamen’s death mask.

Renaissance painters ground the stone up to make blue pigments to paint seas and skies. Powder pigments known as ultramarine blue made from lapis are still used by artists today.

Examples of ultramarine used in famous old paintings:

  • The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
  • The scarf, worn by the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer
  • The blue sky in Bacchus and Adriane by Titian
  • The blue robe, worn by Mary, in paintings such as The Virgin in Prayer by Giovanni Sassoferrato
  • Michelangelo’s frescoes in Rome’s Sistine Chapel

Currently, the finest quality of lapis lazuli is mined in Badakhshan province, Afghanistan (leading source), and Pakistan. Other locations include Colorado, California, Chile, Myanmar, Russia, and Italy.


Lapis Lazuli is said to activate both the third-eye and the throat chakra. Its primary chakra is the third-eye chakra. Blue stones also tend to activate the throat chakra. Lapis awakens both chakras.

The third eye chakra is located between and above the brow. In Sanskrit, it is known as “ajna”, the seat of intuition. As a third-eye chakra stone, it is believed that lapis will develop your intuition. It is also said to be able to amplify and expand psychic visions.

When used to balance the throat chakra lapis encourages you to speak freely and live your truth. Physically a balanced throat chakra maintains the health of your throat, esophagus, larynx, and respiratory system.

Lapis Lazuli Healing Powers

For thousands of years, lapis lazuli has been valued for its intense healing properties. The Romans even used it as an aphrodisiac. In the Middle Ages, it was used in elixirs to fortify the mind and the body. Today, alternative healers believe lapis can help with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Physical Healing

Since thousands of years ago faith healers have believed in the physical healing properties of lapis lazuli. It is said that it is beneficial in treating:

  • disorders of the immune and endocrine systems
  • the thyroid, larynx, sore throats, and respiratory system
  • skin problems such as eczema
  • pain, inflammation, and migraines
  • the nervous system, anxiety, and depression

It has also been said that lapis can aid in the treatment of autism and Asperger’s syndrome. And some say it can lower your blood pressure just by looking at it!

Emotional and Mental Healing

This crystal has loving and soothing vibrations that are great for emotional healing. It can enhance the bonds of friendship and other relationships with love and compassion.

Its empowering energies help you to address negative thoughts you may carry about yourself. Lapis promotes communication and encourages you to express yourself. It helps to calm feelings of frustration and anger.

Known as a stone of universal wisdom, lapis enhances your mental abilities, promoting clarity of thought. It stimulates the desire for knowledge and truth and aids in learning and understanding. Lapis stimulates creativity in both thought and action.

Spiritual Healing

As a protective stone, lapis lazuli helps to block psychic attacks and repels negative energies.

Thousands of years ago, many cultures believed that lapis lazuli could ward off evil. The Sumerians believed that the spirit of the gods lived within this ancient blue rock. Ancient Egyptians felt that meditating with the “spiritual” colors of lapis would enable supernatural forces to transform their lives.

This mystical stone is believed to have the ability to facilitate spiritual journeying. Egyptians believed it contained the soul of the gods and was the key to spiritual attainment. Lapis lazuli possesses a serenity that harmonizes body, mind, and spirit. It brings deep inner self-knowledge and reveals inner truths, allowing you to express your feelings and emotions.

Lapis Lazuli Benefits

Lapis has many properties that can enhance your life. Ancient civilizations prized Lapis Lazuli for its various benefits. It remains popular today as a healing stone, for use as jewelry, as a meditation stone, and a variety of other uses.


Meditating with this stone in your hand helps you to deal with emotional turmoil. The calming energy of lapis helps you to heal and find inner peace. It helps you to overcome feelings of rage or anger. Lapis lazuli brings you objectivity and helps you to clarify your thoughts.

As a stone of self-knowledge and reflection, it helps you to expand your self-awareness. To examine and release limiting beliefs and thought patterns. As a grounding stone, it helps you to focus on your learning and your studies. It is a useful stone to have with you if you are studying.


Lapis lazuli carved into talismans or polished into small stones can be carried in your pocket or bag. Its protective qualities offer you protection against negative thoughts. It also gives you the courage to express yourself more confidently.

It is said to bring wisdom and emotional healing to those who wear it or keep it close to their bodies. Its energies bring you confidence and it encourages introverts to come out of their shell. As a stone of communication, lapis encourages you to express yourself more freely and honestly.

In Your Home

A stone of serenity and peace, lapis lazuli can bring a sense of calm into your home. It uses water energy to bring stillness and balanced flowing energy to your home. Place lapis in the North area of your home or room to access its full energies.

As a protection crystal, having it in your home helps to shield your space from negative energies. It also helps to neutralize any negative energies present amongst family members.

Place lapis lazuli in your office, study, or a child’s room. This will tap into its abilities to enhance learning and promote mental clarity.

Including Lapis Lazuli in Your Life

There are many ways in which you can choose to include this beautiful crystal in your life. In addition to the benefits listed above, you can buy lapis Lazuli yoni eggs, jewelry, and yoni wands.

Lapis Lazuli Yoni eggs

Since the earliest of times, yoni eggs, popularly known as jade eggs were used to enhance sexual pleasures. Yoni eggs are polished egg-shaped gemstones designed to be inserted into your yoni. Nowadays they are still used to enhance your sexual experience, but also as Kegel weights and for crystal healing.

Practicing with your beautiful lapis lazuli yoni egg will help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Its calming and healing vibrations have been known to help reduce PMS symptoms. Yoni eggs also help to increase vaginal lubrication and strengthen vaginal muscles.

Lapis lazuli empowers you to express yourself freely and safely. It encourages you to come out of your shell, allowing you to be more honest and open with the people that matter to you. Lapis enhances love and faithfulness.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

The intense deep blue color of Lapis Lazuli adds to its value as a popular gemstone used in jewelry making. The darker the blue, the greater its value. Although stones with white calcite veins or mottling have an attractive appearance, they are not as valuable. Blue lapis which contain flecks of gold pyrite are more desirable.

In jewelry-making Lapis lazuli is often cut into beads and cabochons. It is also used in carvings and for mosaic work. Lapis and turquoise are commonly paired in beaded jewelry together with silver. This combination produces stunning necklaces and bracelets.

Wearing lapis lazuli around your neck or throat as a necklace allows it to work with the throat chakra to clear away negative energies. Wear it as a bracelet to encourage harmonious relationships. Wear lapis lazuli in direct contact with your skin. This will allow you to soak up all its wonderful healing energies.

Tip: Lapis Lazuli is a delicate gem. Store it separately from your other jewelry or gemstone objects to avoid scratches.

Lapis Lazuli Yoni wands

Yoni wands are designed mainly to massage erogenous zones. They are pleasure wands that bring a touch of the divine into your sex life. The healing properties of your lapis lazuli yoni wand will help to bring you calm and peace.

Use this yoni wand to bring you the confidence to express yourself freely and creatively. Popular with royalty this gemstone makes you more aware and assertive, helping you to reawaken your inner queen.

Recommended Gemstones to Pair with Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a stone of peace and wisdom that combines well with several other stones. Here are 3 crystals that work well with the energies of this versatile gemstone.

Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite

Both stones have that mystical vibe that works well when combined. They both have a connection to the third eye chakra. Labradorite is a calming stone of transformation. The high vibrations of labradorite bring good fortune and help to dispel negative energies.

Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities. Combining these two stones will bring you confidence and help you make decisions to move forward.

Lapis Lazuli and Blue Lace Agate

These two blue stones work together to stimulate and activate the throat chakra. Blue agate boosts your ability to communicate. This combination gives you the strength to convey your convictions confidently and express yourself clearly. Use this combo if you need to be more assertive and speak up or if you are afraid of public speaking.

Lapis Lazuli and Nephrite Jade

Using these two ancient stones together will bring luck and good fortune into your life. Nephrite jade is known as the lucky stone. It is believed to promote good fortune and abundance. It connects deeply with the heart chakra. Combining nephrite jade with lapis lazuli will help to form strong bonds in your relationships. It will open you up to self-love and compassion.

Final Thoughts

This celestial stone of ancient wisdom is a must-have in your crystal or egg collection. Its wonderful energies bring you clarity of thought, empowering you to express yourself freely. Lapis lazuli will help you reveal your inner truths and clear emotional baggage. 

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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