How To Cleanse and Charge Your Yoni Egg Stones

Updated on:
January 26, 2022
Aimee Hughes

Did you know you have to cleanse and charge your yoni egg stones before using them? Many beginners confuse themselves between cleaning, cleansing, and charging their yoni eggs. Cleaning refers to the physical act of washing your yoni egg with mild soap and warm water. In this article, we will be discussing why and how you should cleanse and charge your yoni eggs. 

yoni egg cleansing and charging

Cleansing and Charging Your Yoni Egg

An essential aspect of learning how to use yoni eggs is the cleansing and charging process. Cleansing and charging the yoni egg is a must before you start using it. Since you are using the yoni eggs for the crystal healing properties, cleansing and charging it removes negative energy. You should cleanse the egg before using it for the first time and regularly after that as well. Trust your intuition as to how often it needs to be cleansed. 

Crystals travel long distances before reaching you. Each transition potentially exposes it to negative energy. As you use it, these crystal eggs absorb the negative energy from you. If you use it regularly for healing, it may need to be charged more regularly. Doing this regularly restores your crystal to its natural state. 

Here are some methods to cleanse and charge your yoni eggs.

Running Water

Running water is an easy and convenient way to clean your yoni egg, and it also offers energetical cleansing. If you have access to any body of water such as the ocean, river, lake, or a trickling stream, let the water run over your crystal. If not, rinsing your stone under a faucet works just as well. As it removes negative energy, water fills it with life force.  

This method is best for hard stones such as quartz. Make sure that your stone is completely submerged. Do this for at least a minute. 


Another popular method, smudging your yoni egg involves surrounding your egg with smoke. You can burn white sage or incense and allow the smoke to waft around the yoni egg. As you burn the sage or incense, move your crystal egg through the smoke. Let the smoke envelop the stone for 30 seconds or more. This method is suitable for any type of crystal. 

Earth and Sea Salt

Some users prefer to reunite the crystal with their source, Mother Earth. This cleanses your crystal egg of negative energy and restores them to its natural state. For hygienic purposes, you can store your egg in a glass jar or container before burying it. Besides burying it in the earth, you can also do this with sea salt. 

Flower Baths and Salt Water

If you have access to flowers, creating a flower petal bath can be a wonderful way to cleanse your crystal egg. Saltwater is also a great way to banish negative energy. If you are near the ocean, you can collect saltwater from the ocean. If not, mix a tablespoon of salt of any kind into a bowl of water. Ensure that your crystal egg is fully submerged. 

Allow your yoni egg to soak up the good energy for about 24 hours. Flower and saltwater baths are suitable for hard stones. 

Moonlight and Sunlight

Although this method includes the sun, it is a less popular method as the sun can be too powerful and hot. It may result in your crystal changing colors. You can use the moon’s powerful divine energy to cleanse your yoni egg. Leave your crystal egg under the rays of the full moon overnight. You can also leave your egg on a windowsill where the moon rays reach. 

To get the best of both, set out your crystal yoni egg in the evening and bring it in before noon. This allows your stone to soak up both the sun and moon. If you can place your yoni egg directly on the earth, this allows for more cleansing. This method is suitable for most stones and should be done for 10 to 12 hours. Note that vibrant stones such as amethyst may lose its color in bright sunlight. 

Brown Rice

Using brown rice to dispel negative energy is especially suitable for stones of protection. Bury your crystal egg underneath brown rice. The rice should be disposed of afterward as it has absorbed dark vibes. Bury your crystal egg in brown rice for 24 hours. This method is suitable for all crystals. 

What to Do After Cleansing and Charging Your Yoni Eggs?

There are many other methods to cleanse and charge your crystal eggs. Some experts use sound, large crystal clusters, breathwork, and visualization methods. After charging your crystal egg, set your intention for your stone. This merges the stone’s energy with your own. Bond with it by carrying it with you and using it in your daily routine. You will be surprised by the benefits your crystal yoni egg has to offer!

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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