Heart Chakra Stones and Crystals: Meanings and Benefits

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November 21, 2021
Aimee Hughes

Heart chakra stones and crystals generally include pink and green stones. Healing crystals that correspond to these colors help to realign and balance the heart chakra. They help awaken life and stabilize emotions. If you are feeling depressed and lonely, the energy in your heart chakra may be low. 

heart chakra crystals

The Heart Chakra – Anahata 

The heart chakra is the central chakra. Also known as Anahata chakra, this energy center unites the spiritual and material chakras. The fourth chakra represents the unity of the earth and sky. This chakra governs humility and compassion. It represents our love for life and the connection to all that is around us. Anahata chakra is related to humility and calmness. 

When balanced, we are capable of unconditional love. Once unbalanced, we are incapable of self-love. We become cold and suspicious. Some may even be selfish and prefer to disconnect from others. In a relationship, a person with an unbalanced heart chakra only aims to gain benefits from the relationship. Balancing the heart chakra is usually done by harvesting the healing properties of chakra crystals.

Crystals For The Heart Chakra

There are many crystals available for the heart chakra. Since most of the heart chakra crystals are pink crystals and green crystals, they are popular due to their beauty. Some examples of healing crystals that can benefit the Anahata chakra include:

Rose Quartz

rose quartz crystal raw

One of the most popular crystals, rose quartz crystal, is a stone linked to the heart chakra. This healing crystal represents romance and beauty. Often used as a token of love, this pink gemstone has a loving energy that is warm and nurturing. Rose quartz is a stone believed to help you give and receive unconditional love. As it balances the yin and yang energy in the body, it harmonizes all the chakras with the heart chakra. 

It has healing properties similar to nephrite jade. Use it to promote self-love and awaken sexual awareness. Since ancient times, rose quartz has been thought to improve reproductive health. Rose quartz can help restore trust and aid emotional healing. This stone helps you to get rid of negative feelings and transform it into positive energy. 

Green Aventurine

green aventurine crystal raw

An uplifting stone, green aventurine is a stone for growth and renewal. Its energy creates a loving and nurturing environment. This is the stone of luck, perfect for those who have been feeling unlucky. It is a talisman for optimism. With lush shades of green that symbolize life and growth, it is linked to the heart chakra. 

Use it to remove emotional blockages. Green aventurine can help soothe emotional wounds. This makes it a great companion for those with depression and anxiety. This stone is suitable for those trying to get over heartbreak and who wants to open themselves to love. Crystal experts believe that it can help support the healing of the physical body. It can help to attract love or devotion. 


Known for centuries as a stone of the heart, nephrite jade represents committed love. With varying green hues, it symbolizes long-term dedication. The green jade crystal is often the perfect stone for beginners to heart chakra healing. It emits soothing energy that is great for those new to spiritual practice. Linked to the heart chakra, jade is one of the most powerful healing stones. 

Jade has the ability to shield the user and dispels negative energy. It is a stone of joy and success. Holistic users believe that the energy from jade crystals can help heal the reproductive system and kidneys. Use jade to boost self-esteem and stabilize emotions. 


amazonite crystal

A stone that stimulates the heart chakra, amazonite is a crystal that awakens compassion. Besides the heart chakra, amazonite can also be beneficial for the throat chakra. It has different hues of blue and green. This stone offers revitalizing energy that brings harmony to your relationships with others. 

Known as the stone of hope, legend has it that the Amazonians adorned their shields with amazonite stones. This helps them to be confident and fearless. Use amazonite to call on your inner strength and courage. Physically, it is thought to help the body grow and regenerate faster. Amazonite is a crystal that aids those who have habits of self-neglect. 

Moss Agate

moss agate smooth crystal

A stone that emits heartfelt energy, moss agate is a beautiful stone with many shades of green. This stone reminds you to find time for peace in a fast-moving world. Linked to the heart chakra, it is a stone that soothes the soul. It encourages you to nurture your true self and to remind you of the strength you possess. Its energy is like a gentle whisper. It reminds you that the greatest service you can bring to the world starts with loving yourself. 

Use this stone to find harmony and peace. Celebrated as a lucky talisman, this stone brings you back to nature. Carry it with you for the energy flow of abundance. Moss agate helps to heal your heart while keeping you rooted to the world. Find emotional balance and interact with an abundance of green energy using moss agate. 


malachite crystal smooth

A stone for empaths, malachite is a crystal that has great strength and power. With hues of green and black, it is connected to the heart and throat chakra. This stone of change guides you to find the best path in life. For empaths, it prevents you from feeling overwhelmed by the negative and dark energy of others. Loved by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, this stone once served as a pigment for Cleopatra’s eye shadow. 

This stone was once used by healers to protect against negative energies and curses. Even today, many use malachite for its protective energy. It has strong healing powers that help with broken bones and blood pressure. It encourages you to let go of past traumas and bad habits, so you can move forward in life. 


rhodochrosite crystal smooth

A beautiful stone with multiple shades of pink, this banded stone is linked to the heart chakra. Like rose quartz, rhodochrosite is a stone that promotes unconditional love. It emits a loving and nurturing energy to soothe the heart and comfort the soul. It helps you find inner peace. This talisman of joy helps the user to rise to their fullest potential. 

A stone of compassion, it symbolizes selfless love and empathy. It helps you to heal from old wounds and past traumas. It guides you to acknowledge your pain, so you can move on in life. This stone promotes forgiveness and compassion for your true self. Use it to reclaim your inner child. 


kunzite crystal smooth

A beautiful pale pink stone, kunzite is a stone that represents devotion and love. It has a gentle and feminine energy. This energy is strong enough to sweep away negative energies. This stone is one of the most calming stones. It reminds you that you can overcome life’s hardship by being strong and having an open heart. Connected to the heart chakra, this stone is very effective at clearing emotional blockages. 

Use kunzite to nurture inner peace and self-love. Holistic healers believe that kunzite benefits the circulatory and reproductive systems. Its soft healing energy helps to ease those with stress and migraines. Kunzite is a stone that inspires tolerance, empathy, and love. 

Including Heart Chakra Crystals In Your Life

There are many different heart chakra crystals available. With beautiful shades of pink and green, you can carry or wear these stones to stay connected to their healing energy. 

Raw Stones

Raw stones and crystals are untreated and untouched. They remain the same way pulled out of the earth. They can be small or large. In this state, they are more fragile especially if the stone is of the softer variety. Raw stones are just as powerful as finished stones, if not more. They make great companions and can be carried in your pocket or purse. When you require support, reach for it to connect with its powerful energy. 

Bracelets and Necklaces

Heart chakra stones and crystals make beautiful bracelets and necklaces due to their shades of pink and green. That is why these stones are often included in many designs by artisans. Wearing these crystals ensures that you are constantly in contact with the healing energy of the crystal. This allows you to reap the maximum benefits of the healing properties of the crystal. 

Yoni Eggs

There’s a variety of yoni egg types suitable for heart chakra healing. This is especially true for the rose quartz yoni egg. Yoni eggs are natural alternatives to Kegel weights made from silicone and plastic. Inserted into the vagina, it helps to enhance Kegel exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. When not in use, crystal yoni eggs can be used for meditation or placed near you. This helps you to benefit continuously from the healing properties of the crystal. 

Yoni Wands

Use yoni wands made from heart chakra crystals on your journey of self-discovery. A natural alternative to modern plastic toys, crystal yoni wands have the added advantage of crystal healing properties. Yoni wands can be used for self-pleasure, meditation, or massage. When not in use, place the crystal near you so you can benefit from the energy the crystal emits. 


An unbalanced heart chakra can result in many issues. Use heart chakra crystals and stones to bring your Anahata into balance. Fill yourself with unconditional love and peace. By balancing your heart chakra, you can find compassion, kindness, and joy in the little things around you. 

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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