9 Ways to Awaken your Feminine Energy

Updated on:
June 1, 2021
Irena Chia

Being a woman isn’t just about your anatomy; it’s about your feminine energy. Divine feminine energy is a phrase thrown around nowadays, but what does it mean exactly?

Men and women alike embody both feminine and masculine energy. One isn’t better than the other; they are of equal importance. Discover feminine power and why it is crucial to tap into it, especially in our masculinized world. 

feminine energy

What is Feminine Energy?

Being a woman is one thing. Embracing and using your full potential as a female is another. 

Joan Heartfield from the Divine Feminine Awakened Masculine Institute, explains feminine energy as “the spark of life that everything grows from. The same energy that grows a plant grows us. The divine feminine is the innate body, heart, gut, and wisdom that all human beings have within them. It is our ability to sense, feel and intuit our highest options.” (1.) 

Femininity has been dishonored for centuries, and whilst it may seem like those days are over, we are still very much living in a man’s world. 

Feminine qualities are looked upon as weak, overly sensitive, and irrelevant. In order to survive and achieve anything noteworthy, women and men must display arrogance. 

Yin and Yang Polarity 

Men and women are born with both masculine and feminine energies. Anatomically we are male or female; however, energetically we are made of both polar energies. 

Masculine and feminine are the perfect pair as they balance each other out. One cannot exist without the other. They are a part of the duality that makes our world.

For men, it is essential to have a well-balanced feminine side. In the same way, it is important for women to have a well-balanced masculine side. 

9 Ways to Awaken your Feminine Energy

1. Own your sexuality

Stand proudly in your sexuality. It is through your sacred feminine essence that you are able to perform the greatest miracle of all – bring life into this world.

Sexuality is not about what society says, nor is it about how you look or dress. It’s about how you feel in your skin and how liberated you are in your sexual expression. 

TIP: Tune into your sacral chakra and turn a deaf ear to anyone who tramples all over women’s sexuality – they’re too afraid of it.

2. Find sensuality in everyday life

Women hold a lot of wisdom in their physical as well as spiritual bodies, hence why it is easier for them to connect to intuition than it is for men. (3.)

To be able to hear the inner voice, you must learn to trust your body and feminine self. Incorporate sensuality in everyday life by using your sense to experience life with pleasure deliberately.

TIP: Any activity can become sensual if you intentionally bring sensual awareness to it – it won’t happen without your deliberate intent. 

3. Get creative

Feminine energy is about co-creating, whilst masculine is about achieving. Your womb is designed to create life. Out of nothingness, something is created. Discover your creative outlet.

4. Embrace your softness without making it your weakness

Vulnerability takes more courage than any other emotion. To bare our true self to another and risk being hurt and humiliated takes bravery most people shy away from. When we reveal our innermost nature, we make room for profound intimacy and empowerment.

TIP: If a man doesn’t support you expressing the various parts of you, he isn’t ready to fully support your feminine energy. Expect people in your life to embrace the real you.

5. Be playful

Being present in the moment means being fluid and finding pleasure in the now. Stop and smell the roses and your life will open up in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

6. Be open to receiving

Women have the capability to receive, amplify and give back more. (4.) Allow yourself to receive support, to be pampered, touched, and guided. As a woman, you have a huge impact on the people around you. If you learn how to receive nurturing, you’ll be able to nurture others tenfold.

TIP: Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness or incapability, it’s about personal growth and being worthy of receiving.

7. Let go

Control is a masculine quality. When you surrender and let go of your need to micromanage, you become more allowing. The more you give up control, the more freedom you obtain and the closer to divinity you become.

TIP: Men feel emasculated by micromanaging women. Allow him to feel like a man in your presence by giving up the need to control everything.  

8. Less in the head and more in the heart

Instead of analyzing, get in touch with your feelings. Allow yourself to feel your emotions in your heart center without making them wrong. Your heart is your strength, not your shortcoming – learn how to trust it.

9. Hold the space

The greatest privilege you can bestow on yourself or another is to simply hold space. Holding space means being there without judgment. Stop judging your feminine nature with the same devaluing standards the world has done for centuries.

TIP: When you hold space for a man, it means that you are a strong enough woman to allow your man to be “the man” in the relationship. You are, in fact, so strong in your womanhood that you don’t feel threatened or intimidated by his manhood. 

The Benefits of Being Attuned with your Feminine Energy

Women who exude femininity effortlessly attract men. But far more significant than that, the feminine woman feels more radiant and attracts desires more easily. She is able to take care of herself emotionally and steps into her masculine side/role without feeling hardened. (5.) 

Balancing with Masculine Energy 

If your feminine energy is too strong, setting healthy boundaries would be beneficial for you. Be your own protector, be assertive and speak your truth.

You Already Have the Answer Within You

Feminine energy is a magical life force that already exists inside of you and can, therefore, never be taken away from you. 

In essence, you need not change yourself to “discover” your femininity. But rather remember your feminine gift which the universe has bestowed upon you. 

And once you do, you will remember the divinity and tenderness, and your intuition will lead you to become the fearless Goddess you were meant to be. There is much power in softness. 

Irena is a writer and yoga teacher well-versed in all-things yoga such as yoga therapy and yin yoga. She believes in the positive effects of meditation, yoga, and spirituality
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