Drilled vs. Undrilled Yoni Eggs Comparison

Updated on:
May 20, 2021
Aimee Hughes

You may have read a long guide or researched deeply on how to pick a jade egg or yoni egg for yourself based on crystal properties, customer reviews, and size. 

Yoni eggs can be made from many different semi-precious natural stones such as rose quartz yoni egg, jade yoni egg, obsidian egg, or nephrite jade egg.  

The different yoni egg sizes also cater to the different needs of each individual. After deciding on the type of stone or crystal and size of the yoni egg, another factor comes into play. Drilled yoni eggs versus undrilled yoni eggs. Which one suits you best?

What are Undrilled Yoni Eggs?

Undrilled yoni eggs are semi-precious stones sculpted into the shape of an egg. It has no hole drilled into it. It is smooth. Undrilled eggs have just as much benefit as the drilled yoni eggs. Like their drilled counterparts, they also strengthen the yoni and helps to stimulate enhanced nerve-ending growth.

With undrilled yoni eggs, removing the yoni egg happens just as easily by pushing the yoni egg out using your vaginal muscles. The natural weight of the egg will help it find its way out especially when you have relaxed your pelvic floor muscles. 

Undrilled yoni eggs are also easier to clean as drilled yoni eggs require more care during the cleaning process to ensure that the drilled hole is clean. 

What are Drilled Yoni Eggs?

Drilled yoni eggs are yoni eggs that have a small hole drilled into them. This hole allows you to attach a string made from:

  • Cotton 
  • Hemp
  • Unwaxed dental floss
  • Fishing line

Choose a string that is hygienic and disposable. A general recommendation is to cut the string of your choice at a length equal in length to the distance between your hand and elbow and fold it in half. 

Thread your yoni egg, loop it, and make a knot. The string should be disposed of and changed after each use. 

Drilled yoni eggs require an extra step during cleaning. Make sure to pay special attention to the drilled hole while cleaning your yoni egg using an interdental wire brush that should be disposed after each use. 

Some yoni practitioners prefer the drilled yoni egg as they are able to attach a string to gently pull it out when they are done with their yoni egg practice session. This is similar to a tampon. 

With the string attached, you can gently tug the string to pull on the yoni egg while using your pelvic floor muscles to pull the yoni egg back in. This can be considered as a form of pelvic floor muscle or Kegel exercise.

Although unnecessary, beginners of the yoni egg practice often feel reassured when there is a string attached to it. Some women also feel more reassured having a string to hold on to when they go to the bathroom in case the egg slips out.

Drilled yoni eggs can be drilled horizontally or vertically.

More advanced yoni egg practitioners may also prefer drilled yoni eggs as the string allows them to attach it to a small weight so they can advance in their practice to vaginal weightlifting

Does A Drilled Hole Affect the Crystal’s Energy?

There are many debates and rumors among yoni egg practitioners on how drilling a hole destroys the yoni egg’s natural energy. These opinions are based on individual opinions and biases without relying on the actual facts on crystal energy.

A drilled hole does not affect the energy or structure of the crystal. After all, the crystal was first sculpted and crafted into an egg-shaped stone with its energy still intact. 

There are myriads of crystal gemstones that have been carved into jewelry, statues, and ceremonial pieces without destroying their metaphysical properties despite the alteration of their original structure. 

Therefore, the only differences between an undrilled and drilled yoni egg are the cleaning methods and personal preferences. 

Bottom Line

It is important to remember that the yoni egg is not just a toy or exercise tool. You should treat it like a sacred object that helps with emotional and physical healing and transformation. The crystals and semi-precious stones are elements of the earth. 

This means each egg has its own personality. If the egg stays inside you longer than expected, relax and remember that it may be doing healing work. Learn to trust your egg and intuition. 

If you are uncomfortable with the undrilled yoni egg, you can always start with the drilled yoni egg until you have learned how to expel the egg without using the string.

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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