Cervix Massage and Cervical Orgasms – Why Are They All the Rage?

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June 3, 2021
Aimee Hughes

Did you know that women can have an orgasm by massaging their cervix? Did you also know that a cervical orgasm is different (and possibly better) than a clitoral and vaginal orgasm? So what is the cervix, how do you find it, and how do you massage it to bring about an orgasm? 

What Is the Cervix? 

Before you massage your cervix, you need to understand what it is and where it is located. Time for some anatomy 101!

The cervix is located at the end of your vaginal canal—the endocervical canal connects it to your uterus. The part of your cervix that you can feel is called the ectocervix, and the opening in the center is the external os, where you find the endocervical canal. It’s thanks to this canal opening during your period that menstrual blood can flow. And while giving birth, it opens wider to allow for a baby to pass. 

If you want to remember it in simpler terms, you can think of your cervix as the gateway to your uterus! 

Cervix anatomy

Why Massage the Cervix? 

Massaging the cervix during intercourse or masturbation can lead to a different form of orgasm than the one you usually experience. 

To understand how a cervical orgasm is different from other types of orgasms, let’s have a look at what kind of orgasms women often experience: 

  • Clitoral orgasm; achieved by stimulating the clitoris
  • Vaginal orgasms; also known as G-spot orgasm; achieved by stimulating the G-spot and vaginal wall
  • Deep vaginal orgasm; achieved by stimulating the areas found deeper in the vagina, just below or around the cervix
  • Anal orgasm; achieved by having anal sex
  • Cervical orgasm; achieved by stimulating the cervix
  • Nipple orgasm; achieved by stimulating the nipples 
  • Exercise orgasm; also known as coregasm; achieved by exercising, usually doing core exercises
  • Sleep orgasm; achieved by dreaming erotic dreams
  • Blended orgasm; achieved when you have different kinds of orgasms at the same time as you’ve stimulated different parts of your body

The most common forms of orgasms are vaginal and clitoral orgasms, as well as blended orgasms. These are the ones you usually refer to when speaking of orgasms. 

What Makes Cervical Orgasms so Different?

A clitoral orgasm is usually quick, and the sensation of pleasure is centered around your vaginal area. A vaginal orgasm tends to last a bit longer and spread further. That’s to say—you feel pleasure in the entirety of your yoni.  

A cervical orgasm is a lot more intense than both a vaginal and clitoral orgasm. While it comes from stimulating a specific area—your cervix—it can be felt like waves of pleasure throughout your body. These waves can, according to professionals, last for hours. 

Most women don’t experience a pure cervical orgasm but a blended orgasm. 

Isn’t Massaging the Cervix Painful? 

Most people associate cervical stimulation with pain. Women who have experienced pain during intercourse most likely had their cervix stimulated. This occurred when their partner thrust too hard or too deep, thereby “hitting” the cervix. 

As the cervix moves about a bit depending on a woman’s cycle, some parts of the month sex can be more painful. 

So does cervical massage hurt? No. Not if done correctly. 

First of all, to touch the cervix without experiencing pain, a woman needs to be completely relaxed. What’s more, she needs to be turned on. 

To prevent pain, massaging the cervix should happen only after a woman is properly aroused. That means that you (if you masturbate), should stimulate your clitoris and vaginal wall first. Then move onto the cervix. The same applies if your partner massages your cervix or thrust deep enough to reach it. 

See a cervix massage as the end goal, not the starting point! 

How to Perform the Massage

To massage the cervix, start by massaging the clitoris and vaginal wall with two or three fingers. After playing around for a while, slowly make your way up to the cervix and very gently run your fingers around the rim. You can also gently massage the entrance (the external os). 

When you massage the cervix, start by applying very light pressure. Think of it as stroking someone’s skin with a feather. Then, slowly, slowly, apply more pressure. If there’s any pain or discomfort, backtrack and find the ultimate amount of pressure for you. 

If it’s your partner massaging you, keep an open dialogue to let him/her know what feels good and what doesn’t. 

Pro-Tip: Introduce cervix massage to your orgasmic meditation sessions and unlock new levels of both physical and spiritual bliss.

Just because you massage the cervix doesn’t mean you can’t also massage other parts of your vaginal canal. You can even massage the clitoris at the same time. This will produce a blended orgasm. If you like, you can, of course, also try to only stimulate the cervix once you’ve “warmed up” other parts of your anatomy. 

You have to find out what works best for you. Experimentation is the only way to get results in this instance!

Pro-tip: Before you let your partner play with your cervix, try it out yourself. It’s the best way to find out what works and what doesn’t!

Using Sex Toys or Penetration 

As your cervix is placed at the end of your vaginal canal, it can be tricky to reach. Several sex toys can help you with this, including dildos and yoni wands. You can try to swirl the toy around the rim of the cervix, but when using a toy, gently tapping the cervix or applying pressure may work better.

If you are with your partner, it helps to be on top to be able to go deeper. That way, you’re also in control. 


Will Everyone Experience a Cervical Orgasm?

In short, no. Each woman has her own individual erogenous zones. While most women have nerve endings in specific places, such as the clitoris and G-spot, each woman is unique. Thankfully, most women have many different “pleasure points.” 

Don’t despair if you don’t enjoy having a cervix massage. Enjoy massaging other parts of your body instead!

Why Does It Feel Better to Do a Cervix Massage on Some Days?

Your cervix moves. Yes, it’s a little bit funny like that… You see, it is controlled by hormones during your cycle. When you ovulate, it moves higher up and becomes softer and wetter. 

As it changes throughout your menstrual cycle, it might be that some times of the month are better for cervix play than others.

What Is a Cervical Membrane Sweep?

Massaging your cervix should not be confused with a cervical membrane sweep. A cervical membrane sweep is conducted by a doctor to help induce labor in a pregnant woman. 

What Is Perineal Massage? 

While you may touch your cervix while doing a perennial massage, it shouldn’t be confused with massaging the cervix. Perennial massages is something women (and/or their partners) perform in the last few weeks leading up to birth. Massaging the vaginal canal on the side closest to your butt can help reduce pain during pregnancy and, possibly, reduce tearing during labor. 

Cervical Massage vs. Cervix Massage—What’s the Difference?

A cervical massage is a massage for your neck. While, grammatically speaking, a cervical massage probably is the correct term for massaging the cervix, it’s often referred to as a cervix massage. Just as you’d say, “a neck massage.” 

Bottom Line

Having a cervix massage can bring you a completely different form of orgasm. While it’s not for everyone, you should try experimenting to see if it can work for you. After all, it could bring you intensified pleasure and help connect you to your partner or learn more about your own sexuality. 

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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