Best Yoni Egg Classes and Online Courses

Updated on:
June 29, 2021
Aimee Hughes

Congratulations, you have finally purchased your yoni egg! Are you ready to start your practice or are you feeling a little bit nervous? You’ve most likely read about what to do, but still, you feel like you need more support and guidance.

Well, you are not alone! Many first-time yoni egg users feel a little intimidated in the beginning. This is perfectly normal since it is a new experience. 

To help you get started, we have done some searching for you and found a few excellent online classes and courses for you to check out. 

Benefits of Yoni Egg Classes and Courses

The main difference between a class or workshop and a course is the time. A course is usually more detailed and runs over a few days or weeks, whereas a class or workshop will run for an hour to a day.

Whether you attend a class/workshop or sign up for an online programme, the benefits are numerous. They include:

  • Learning how to safely use your yoni egg 
  • Teaching you how to be comfortable when using your yoni egg for the first time
  • Useful tips from experienced practitioners
  • How to achieve the best results from yoni egg practice
  • Learning how to reconnect with your sensual and feminine side
  • Kegel exercises that help strengthen vaginal muscles 
  • Learning to use the egg to improve your sex life

Attending a good class or course will help you to start your journey towards self-acceptance and self-love. This in turn increases your feeling of empowerment and confidence.  

Best Yoni Egg Classes and Online Courses

Yoni egg classes can be in-person or online. Online can be live or via pre-recorded video lessons.  Prices and content vary and some may even be free. Content covers topics ranging from how to insert your yoni egg properly to how to achieve epic orgasms.

Sometimes a yoni yoga class will hold a session that includes a yoni egg practice. If you cannot find a class in your area, consider signing up for one of these top online classes or courses. You can do them alone or invite a friend or two over for company.

Anna Thea: Yoni Egg Classes for Feminine Health and Sexual Well-Being

This is one of the rare courses that do not focus mostly on how to reach the grandest orgasm with your yoni egg! This free yoni egg introductory class is offered by teacher Anna-Thea, who is a certified Divine Feminine Educator. She has been using yoni eggs for over 15 years and learned how to from a Taoist practitioner.

The class aims to:

  • Help you understand what the yoni egg practice is about
  • Teach you how to use your egg to “change your relationship with your sexuality”
  • Show you how to connect with your body in a sacred way

Anna Thea also offers a Yoni Egg 101: Foundational Yoni Egg Wisdom online course. This course costs $97 and is self-paced. You decide when to start and when to finish. After enrolling, you are given lifetime access to the course. 

The course consists of 4 modules:

  • Basics and Benefits
  • Orgasmic Pleasure – How-To
  • Yoni Yoga in Your Daily Life
  • How to Start Your Yoni Egg Practice

To find out more about these and other courses offered by AnnaThea click here

Sacral Empowerment: Yoni Egg Magick

Their Yoni Egg Magick 8-week online course aims to help you reclaim your sexuality, using a yoni egg. Instructor Lyn’s purpose is to connect all women to their bodies and their yonis through the yoni egg practice.

The course includes videos, audio lessons, and two live classes. The course covers:

  • Taoist energy basics
  • A basic yoni egg practice
  • How to use your yoni egg to “integrate and digest trauma”
  • Yoni Love and Pleasure

The cost is $397 for 7 modules. 


If you can spare 15 minutes a day, Beducated offers you a course to reconnect with your sexuality. They promise that you will experience “epic vaginal orgasms” through their tasteful, easy-to-follow video course. 

This course is ideal for beginner and intermediate yoni egg users who would like to learn the secrets on how to experience epic orgasms with yoni eggs.

Beducated was founded by a couple, Mariah and Phil, who are dedicated to “revolutionizing sexual education for grown-ups.” They offer a 24-hour free trial and a monthly ($39.99) or a yearly pass ($11.99/month) to get full access to all courses.

Alchemise Yoga Studio

Alchemise offers one-day yoni egg introduction workshops. To book for one of their workshops visit their website.

Instructor Chiara shares her own experiences of her yoni egg practice and what she has learned from it. Beginners and those who are just curious are invited to join them at their studio. 

This one is for anyone living in or near Newport in the UK. If you have friends or relatives living in the area who are potential yoni egg users let them know about these workshops.

The workshop includes:

  • A full introduction on how to start your yoni egg practice
  • Connecting with your pelvic floor
  • A yoni egg practice session, including pelvic floor exercises
  • A yoni egg to keep
  • A manual
  • A Q & A session

It costs £40 without egg and £65 with egg for a 3-hour workshop.

Free Yoni Egg Practice Guides

In addition to online courses and classes, there are some excellent guides out there that discuss all you need to know to enjoy your yoni egg practice.  Some are more detailed than others.

The Kegglers’ Yoni egg guide is very useful, especially if you are new to the practice.  It covers a range of topics including:

  • What is a jade egg?
  • Yoni egg benefits
  • How to use yoni eggs?
  • Types of yoni eggs
  • Are yoni eggs safe?

The guide is available on the Kegglers’ website or it can be downloaded and read as an ebook.  You are also free to print it out and keep it as a reference guide.

Let’s Sum Up

As a first time yoni user, it is understandable for you to be a bit scared or a bit nervous before trying your egg for the first time. 

Fortunately, there are many resources you can turn to for some guidance. Whether you choose an in-person workshop, an online course, video or class or a practical downloadable guide is up to you.  

The most important thing is that you begin your practice in the most comfortable space (both mentally and physically) for you. And most of all – enjoy!

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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