Agate Healing Properties, Benefits & Meaning

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October 22, 2021
Aimee Hughes

Agate is one of the oldest healing stones and grounding stones, offering stability and strength. It is also a strong protection stone. Crystal practitioners call agate a power stone. This is due to its amazing abilities to rebalance and harmonize your mind, body, and spirit.

Agate Meaning and Chakra

You know that English metaphor, steady as a rock? That’s agate. Agate’s balancing and calming energy stabilizes the body and the aura. Working with all the chakras agate helps to keep you centered and focused.

Origins and Meaning

Agate gemstone is a banded variety of chalcedony, a form of quartz. The name agate originates from the place where the stone was first discovered by a Greek philosopher in 300 B.C. This was the Achates River, now named the Dirillo river, in Sicily.

There are many different types of agate forms, consisting of a variety of colors. Some are intricately patterned and some have clear and distinct bands. Agate is frequently used in lapidary and jewelry making. Historically it was used like amulets to cleanse the aura while protecting it from negative energies.

From ancient times agates have been attributed with the ability to provide stability and balance. As well as healing, good luck, wealth, courage, and protection. They were used as talismans by warriors, for strength and victory in war. Tribal priests revered them as healing stones.

Agate deposits in the form of agate nodules and geodes can be found throughout the world. Currently, the main sources of agate are Brazil, India, and Mexico. In the US, agate is found mainly in Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Uruguay has one of the most important agate mining districts in the world.

Chakras and Agate Crystal Types

Each variety of agate connects with a different chakra depending on its dominant color. Here are some of the more well-known varieties and their corresponding chakras:

Moss Agate

Chakra: Heart

Moss agate ranges from transparent to translucent with what appears to be green moss-like tendrils within its structure. Known as the optimistic stone, it encourages you to find hope and trust.  As an earth crystal, it helps you to have a deep spiritual connection with Nature.

Botswana Agate 

Chakra: Root

This banded agate is mined in Botswana, Africa. Its gentle pink, grey and warm layers are comforting and soothing. As a comfort stone, it is often used to treat depression. Botswana agate is also able to enhance mental functions and improve concentration

Blue Lace Agate

Chakra: Throat

Blue agates boost your ability to communicate. They give you the strength to convey your convictions confidently and clearly so others can understand. Useful for people who need to be more assertive and speak up or for those afraid of public speaking. 

Crazy Lace Agate

Chakra: Root and Third Eye

This beautiful variety of agate is found mainly in Mexico. It gets its name from the pinks, whites, creamy brown, yellow swirls, and banding in its appearance. It has joyful, spirited energy. Also known as the “happy stone”, it promotes joy and optimism and clears energy blockages. 

Fire Agate

Chakra: Sacral

This striking agate gemstone ranges from deep brown to orange with iridescent flashes of green and gold. It supports creativity, passion, and sexuality and increases one’s zest for life. Fire agate was once believed to contain the essence of fire. It provides you with the courage needed to take risks, encouraging self-confidence. 

Flower Agate

Chakra: Heart

Used for healing, motivation, and self-growth. Flower agate helps you to reach your highest potential and protects you from fears and self-doubt. It is known to nurture your dreams and help you achieve your goals. 

Dendritic Agate

Chakra: Crown

A milky white or colorless agate, also called Tree Agate due to its fern or tree-like inclusions. These inclusions are called dendrites. A good grounding stone especially for people who are undergoing change in their lives. Also known as the stone of plentitude, it brings abundance. Ancient Greeks often buried it in their agricultural fields to ensure a good harvest. 

Yellow Agate

Chakra: Solar plexus

Combining the yellow color properties of its chakra with the properties of agate, this stone is very revitalizing. It reinforces confidence and happiness. Use this gemstone for concentration and willpower.

Agate Healing Powers

Natural agate is one of the oldest known healing crystals. In its various forms, it has long been seen as a valuable stone for healing emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances.


Although the different types of agate crystals each have their own specific physical healing powers, agates, in general, are thought to be able to:

  • enhance mental function, thus improving concentration and analytical abilities
  • promote balance in children – legends claim that wearing an agate could prevent children from falling.
  • aid in skin problems, tooth and gum issues, and digestive disorders
  • treat issues related to poor circulation and lack of energy
  • aid in treating the endocrine system and increase metabolism
  • effectively cure a fever – place a cold agate stone on the forehead
  • strengthen eyesight – ancient Romans believed that moss agate had the power to improve one’s eyesight.
  • balance sexual energy and relieve sexual dysfunction – Botswana agate was traditionally used in African fertility ceremonies to boost potency. 

Emotional healing

Agate is a perfect healing stone with soft energies that soothe and calm you, bringing you peace of mind. Within its range of emotional healing abilities, agate:

  • aids in emotional balance and recovery
  • is used to treat depression
  • helps in the treatment of addictions and compulsive behaviors
  • is used as a comfort stone during grieving
  • helps to overcome phobias and fears such as agoraphobia and panic attacks
  • helps achieve a calmer more balanced state if you suffer from anxiety and stress 


Known as the stone of balance and stability, agate has low and gentle vibrations that help to ground you. Agate helps you to reconnect with the Earth, bringing harmony to the mind, body, and spirit

In ancient times people believed that eye agates could ward against evil. They carved them into protective talismans to make the wearer invisible to the “evil eye” (negative, malicious energies). 

Agate cleanses the aura and eliminates and transforms negative energies

Agate Benefits

Since ancient times people have been carrying or placing agate in their homes to benefit from its positive energies. As a grounding and balancing stone agate is very beneficial to use during your meditation practice. 


Agate is a good centering stone to use in meditation due to its quiet, low vibrating energy. It helps to ease into a transition state especially at the beginning of a meditation ritual.

Agate works slowly, but it is excellent for harmonizing the yin and yang (positive and negative forces of the universe).

It radiates a soothing and calming force that will give you a sense of comfort and harmony. Meditating with the rainbow-colored Iris agate helps to release tension.


Agates are earth stones. They help you feel connected to the earth, bringing stability in times of uncertainty or change. Head stuck in the clouds? Agate will bring you down to earth.

Wearing or carrying agate keeps you focused in the present moment.

Many people believe that if you need to quit a bad habit and start a newer, healthier one, you should carry an eye agate. Its vibrating energy will help to ease your mind when you feel overwhelmed.

Other benefits of keeping an agate stone close to you:

  • When worn as jewelry over the heart or throat it can absorb emotional pain
  • Wearing agate in the middle of the chest is said to strengthen the cardiac muscles
  • Many believe that when traveling, agate offers protection, especially against accidents 

Home and Work

Agate has been said to be able to protect your wealth. It does this by discouraging overspending or wasteful habits. Placing agate stones in and around your home helps to find pragmatic solutions for any financial challenges you may be facing. Agate helps you to see the bigger picture.

Planting tree agate in your garden aids the growth of your plants.

Placing it in your bedroom will help generate more positive dreams and help with insomnia.

Place an agate crystal somewhere in your space (home or office) where you will see it often. This will remind you to slow down and find your center.

Including Agate in Your Life

Agate is a versatile and durable stone that has many uses in everyday life. It has been popular with jewelers for thousands of years. Agate is also used to make yoni eggs and wands. 

Agate Yoni Egg Featured

Agate Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs have been used for centuries to stimulate one’s sexuality. They can also be used to:

  • strengthen pelvic floor and vaginal muscles
  • promote healing after childbirth
  • reduce PMS symptoms
  • increase vaginal lubrication and sensitivity

Each yoni egg holds the benefits and healing properties of the crystal it is associated with:

  • Botswana agate is said to be able to bring out one’s sensual side. The warm, protective properties of Botswana and orange agate encourage self-confidence.
  • Fire agate yoni eggs help you to reconnect with your deepest desires. They’ve been known to increase your sexual stamina. 
  • Agate is also known as a stone of marital and romantic fidelity. Having a pink agate yoni egg in your bedroom helps to strengthen your relationship and form a stronger bond.

You can also use your agate yoni egg to help with stomach ailments. Holding it in and around your stomach is said to help with reflux, digestion, or any other stomach ailment.

Agate yoni eggs help to stabilize and balance your emotional health, relieving stress and giving you peace of mind. Meditating with your yoni egg will help release pent-up anger and tensions.

For more information on how to use your agate yoni egg in your practice read our Yoni Egg Guide.

Agate Bracelets & Necklaces

As a semi-precious stone, agates were always popular in jewelry making. They are naturally colorful and beautiful, and being porous they can be dyed in different colors. Agates are often cut into cabochons (highly polished, convex form) to be made into cameos, pendants, or rings. 

Agate beads are used for bracelets and necklaces. Wear an agate bracelet on your right hand when you give a speech. It helps you to project your voice and influences your audience with your positive energy.

When worn over the heart or throat, crazy lace agate can absorb emotional pain. It is said that if agate is worn between a new mother’s breasts, it will encourage lactation.

Agate necklaces and bracelets are durable and hard-wearing. Wearing agate jewelry in any form helps to bring positive energy into our life. 

Agate Yoni Wands

Yoni wands are tools meant for self-pleasure and healing from deep within. They bring with them the healing properties of the crystals they are crafted from. They can be used to massage erogenous zones to experience enhanced sexual pleasure.

Agate yoni wands can be used to heighten orgasmic sensations while balancing all your chakras. Stimulate your sexual energy and vitality with the red agate yoni wand.

Agate yoni wands are an excellent massage tool that can be used all over your body to release tension.

Recommended Gemstones to Pair with Agate

The many varieties of agate work well when combined. They can also be paired with other gemstones to balance chakras and promote healing. 

Agate and Rose Quartz

As members of the quartz silica group of minerals, agates and rose quartz make a great combination. Rose quartz’s soft, gentle strength works with agate to promote security, stability and self-confidence. They both stimulate creativity and pragmatic thinking. 

Agate and Carnelian

Fire agate is a fire stone and works well with carnelian which is also a fire stone. These sacral chakra stones work together to stimulate creativity, passion, and sexual energy. Carnelian can lift you up when you are feeling a lack of energy. Agate helps restore your equilibrium. 

Agate and Amethyst

Amethyst crystal healing and properties

Agate’s calming energy combines well with a third eye chakra stone like amethyst. Together they work to create a harmonizing, peaceful energy incorporating the mind, body, and spirit. Amethyst helps to restore balance and dispel negative thoughts and emotions.

Final Thoughts on Agate

If you need a grounding crystal in your life that can help you to disconnect from the world of tech and reconnect with the earth, agate is the perfect gemstone for you. Agate helps to ground you, bringing you the clarity of thought needed to achieve harmony and achieve work-life balance. 

Aimee is a mindfulness enthusiast who's practiced yoga for 21 years. She earned her B.A. in French from Tulane University and a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College.
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